090812 WEDNESDAY “400m Repeats”


The class goes over the hang power snatch.

Olympic Weightlifting Warm Up: 30 medicine ball squat cleans. Thighs must go below parallel. Use a few sets and rest as much as you want. Advanced athletes can use a bar and go heavier.

Workout: 4 rounds.

Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

Record times for each round.


Video: ESPN’s “Outside the Lines: Carry On”

The story of two best friends and their power to overcome the “challenges” of their lives to excel in sport and in life. Warning – this video is a tear jerker.

Click here to watch the video.

I just have to ask – what’s your excuse for not training or missing your last workout? -jj


Article: Optimism Appears To Lower Women’s Risk Of Death, Heart Disease

“. . .Race also appears to modify the relationship between optimism and death, with a stronger association seen in African-American women as compared to white women. Among African-American women, optimists (vs. pessimists) had a 33 percent lower risk of death across eight years of follow-up. Among white women, optimists (vs. pessimists) had a 13 percent lower risk of death. Researchers also found that optimists (as compared to pessimists) were more likely to be younger (especially in blacks); live in the Western United States; report higher education and income; be employed and have health insurance; and attend religious services at least once a week.

Optimists were less likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or depressive symptoms, smoke, be sedentary or have a high body mass index. However, the relationship between optimism and heart disease and death persisted even after considering all of these factors. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    Continued from yesterday, Ron…
    While rules of thumb we use are important guidelines, few are 100%.
    For example, C2 will say things like, “no one should set the damper higher than 8” on the rower… and yet when you read their articles, they also say, “users should experiment with damper settings to find the one that produces the best performance”. So, if Josh and I did several intervals at damper settings from 4 to 10, and the 10 was the setting that allowed us to do the “most work in the least time”… you see where I’m going. Not all people are made the same, and people have different abilities. How can you make one rule to fit all bodies?
    Mini-metcons are simply short, INTENSE workouts we do not so much for the “cardio”, but for the hormonal benefit we get from working in the red zone. In the wake of doing heavy back squat (the king of hormonal responses when it comes to barbell lifts), a mini-metcon can really be mini, and it may not even be necessary if you have the ability to really load that bar up (and your spinal column). That said, the particular phantom 100 situp “post workout” was probably OK sized for people like Carry and Jordan (who finished under 7). Others, it seemed, finished in much longer (>15 minutes).
    Jimmy’s purpose in adding, however, was because he had 15 people in his class, and there were only 3 ropes, and he was worried people were going to crash into each other on the ropes (this used to happen to us on rowers before Craig got all crazy with the spending). Since rope climbs are fairly quick, I’m not sure crashing at the 3 ropes would have been a problem, but you definitely don’t want people resting/waiting during a workout that’s supposed to be high intensity. I left the situps in because I wanted people to be able to do the same workout people did all day long and compare their times to those already up there.
    We do want to provide unified views and programming, and we are working on improving in that area. Then, again, fitness rules are guidelines, not rails to ride on… except for this one: NO SUGAR! Sugar is bad. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Is the horse dead, finally, Ron?

  • Mike P.

    On another programming note…for the upcoming beer mile which I might not even be around for unfortunately; JJ, where do you get your cider from? I’m on the cider bandwagon (in part it’s the gluten free aspect, but mostly it’s the 5-6% of heaven per bottle) but only have found the ones from Trader Joe’s. Those one’s are good but I want to see what else is out there.

  • ron C

    Hi Mark L., you continue to provide some of the best posts on this topic! You also hit the nail on the head for us still new to DCF; varying levels of “fitness” and the challenge jj and the coaches have to design programs that best fit everyone. In our class on monday AM there was a range of 8 to 19 minutes to complete the mini metcon and certainly this span is not dependent on phantom situps alone :).

    Additionally, the specific detail of the design and benefits of mini metcons combined with weight training is very interesting (at least to me) and I greatly appreciate all of you helping to explain it; very helpful.

    I am really enjoying learning from y’all and am looking forward to more!!!! And yes, at least for me I (finally) get it :).

  • sarah t

    Since my hip is not 100% (and this WOD is what made it sore in the first place) any suggestions from the trainers on another WOD I could do in it’s place today? I’m a bit sore from yesterday’s squats and the back squats from Monday. Any suggestions would be great. Maybe I can make today a strength day and work on the things I’m still struggling with (pull-ups, push-ups come to mind).

  • sarah@diablocroosfit.com


  • Amy

    Not me, man. I’m headed for the nearest bridge. I obey.

  • Julie

    Come on DCF…a couple 400m repeats & you turn into EFFIN MARSHMELLOWS?! PUSSY-CATS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • sarah t

    I’m not a cherry picker…I just don’t want to reinjure my hip…at least I’m coming into the gym to work out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeff B

    I just want to say that Wednesday’s is my scheduled rest day, as is Saturday. However, I am feeling somewhat fortunate this week. 400m repeats are so not fun. Huge mental wall to break through. Not sure why, but my legs have been feeling really slow and heavy just trying to do 400m warm-ups lately.

  • Julie


  • BD

    Workout today at Fitness Battalion CrossFit in downtown Atlanta

    Linda (aka “3 bars of death”) modified

    10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

    Deadlifts (BW)
    Ring Push Ups
    Cleans (135)

    Finish time 18:35.

  • sarah@diablocroosfit.com

    930 class- Juliana and Julie were the only ones in this class. Keeping steady the whole time!! Julie is a friggin’ awesome rower!!

    1030 class- Ronnie, Paula and Jenny were in this class.Ronnie had a back spasm session. Got half way thru, then listened to his body and called it a day. Jenny and Paula rocked the runs!

    Way to go! Its not a fun WOD but def needed!!

  • BD

    JJ- Great video you posted thank you.

    This is probably one of the most inspiring story I’ve ever seen in my life..รฏยปยฟ

  • JimmyG

    6am sorry for the late post..You guys really went for it today!!

    *Alan….took a whole minute off his combined time from last time!!!PR stud.
    *Newbies Lauren and Justin did really well. Justin was 1:19, 21, 25, 22
    *Matt 6am continues to blow my mind of how athletic he is…His body is remembering that he is an athlete at heart and it shows buddy.
    *Nancy…we missed you..ice, ice ice and I don’t want to ruin your day with posting Eleni’s times but here you go…..1:16, 1:21, 1:26, 1:27 freaking smoking, like a space monkey shot out of a cannon!!
    *Tyler was also killing it with a best run of 1:24 and combined total of 5:50, I believe this was a PR for sure!!!
    *Michelle’s last run was 1:37 her best by 10sec.!!!
    *Tim S. combined 6:12 very solid PR???

  • JimmyG

    Amy, Julie…you ladies are hilarious…glad you caught that!!! lol

  • JimmyG

    Sarah T…
    I would hop on the rower and see how your hip feels. Rowing is really the only sub for running I would recommend with a bum hip. Try the 500m row sprint relays with the same 2min rest in between rounds…..Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚
    Warm up with those push-ups and pull-ups…..

  • JimmyG

    typing 3 posts in a row felt like a wod, so I thought I’d go one more round!!!

  • Adam M

    Mike, a couple weekends ago, I went to Beverages and More and got quite a bit of cider to take up to the lake. But I will worn you, the stuff isn’t cheap. Like $9 for a six pack but they have a pretty large variety. Other than that, if you ever find yourself out in Walnut Creek, go to Pyramid and get one of their 3 ciders, very good. Other than that, I would like to hear where other people get theirs from as I have joined the cider bandwagon as well.

    True story, I was at crogans recently and went up to the bar to order a drink. I asked for a cider and got the most evil look from the bartender. Aparently Crogans is not Paleo friendly.

  • Nancy

    Thanks Jimmy! I workout Monday and Tuesday – PR on my back squat and kill myself on rope climbs while you’re MIA from recapping, but of course I miss a day and you just haaaave to call me out on how badly I would have lost to Len! NICE! Besides, it used to be fun to compete with her when I thought I could win. But now I know I can’t. No fun.
    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

  • Sarah T

    Thanks for the suggestions, Mark sent me an alternative WOD with a rowing metcon at the end. Rowing doesn’t seem to bother my hip as much but I’m starting to get burned out on rowing…but hopefully I can be up and running ๐Ÿ˜‰ next week! Thanks!

  • Mike P.

    Adam, good call on Bevmo, I’ll check that out for sure. I little hit on price is worth some quality liquid. Crogan’s not Paleo friendly…shocking! Every time I go there I can’t figure out which is more aggressive, the guys or girls. JJ, any fun Crogan’s stories, maybe a pick up line or two that might have worked. Well eventually worked anyways…

  • ronnielo

    I managed 2 cycles at the 400M repeats. 1:21 and 1:36.On the 2nd my low back and right ham string tightened and only got worse as I tried to get through number 3. I will be back at it tomorrow. I was jazzed about the 1:21, and I know I can improve on it a few more seconds.. I bought a roller JJ and am going to check out the coach you mentioned again thanks for the advice. Time for a drive to the coast to smell the salt air and feel the breeze.

  • Mountain

    I’m not a cherry-picker, either. This is one of my favorite WODs, but it’s a rest day, so I’m resting. Looking forward to intervals at the track tomorrow.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I forgot to post that Jan is doing more running at the track tonight!

    6:30 pm
    “This week we are doing 400’s with 200 jog between at 5K race pace”

    Sarah T – Coach Sarah was not accusing you of cherry picking! She was calling out all her regular attendees who didn’t come today.

    Another sub for running is jump rope. Doesn’t have to be double unders. You can do max reps in 2 minutes, rest two minutes, etc. Or you could pick a set number (like 200) and do it as fast as you can, rest two minutes, rinse and repeat.


  • Scott S.

    Workout today at Crossfit Balboa (So Cal):

    Great recomendation Stav! It took me a few failed reps to figure out their gear was in kilograms … oops. But once I got that down, I set 4 PRs!

    “Crossfit Football Total” (in kg)

    Power Clean: 3 x 60, 2 x 70, 1 x 75(FAILED), 1 x 75, 1 x 75 – (PR 165 lbs)

    Bench Press: 3 x 60, 2 x 70, 1 x 80, 1 x 90, 1 x 100, 1 x 110 – (PR 242 lbs)

    Back Squat: 3 x 40, 2 x 60, 1 x 80, 1 x 90, 1 x 100 – (PR 220 lbs)

    Deadlift: 3 x 80, 2 x 100, 1 x 110, 1 x 120, 1 x 130, 1 x 140 – (PR 308 lbs)

    The guys and gals there were excellent and had some helpful oly insights.

    This Friday – Surf City Crossfit, This Sunday – Crossfit San Diego. Yipee!

  • Mountain

    I’ve got: Eleni, Lauren, Holly, Jeremy, Mark L., Jeff B., and Mountain for the “64 oz mile” on Labor Day weekend, with Carry and Mike P. hopefully doing a sneak preview before the weekend. Any preference for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I’m assuming Monday, but I’d be happy to do it any day of the weekend.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Oh yeah, on the Cider front. I get my Ciders from BevMo.

    My staple cider is “Woodchuck” I usually get the regular Amber Ale. It is fairly sweet, but not nearly as bad as Wyders or some of the other cheaper brands. Woodchuck runs $8.49 per 6 pack. (coincidentally it is cheaper per oz to get the 6 packs than the large liter bottles).

    I have also been dabbling in some of the imported ciders. Strongbow is alright, but my favorite English brand is Blackthorn. It comes in 4 packs for $7(I think). They are 11.2 oz bottles, but they are 6% with only 110 calories per bottle (less than most “light” beers).

    English Apple ciders are very ‘dry’ and have almost no sweetness to them at all (from what I understand the apples they use are grown specifically for cider, and are pretty much in-edible taste wise).

    Pyramid has the best Ciders for going out. Julie found out when we got the ‘growlers’ for the games that all their ciders are made for them by Wyders (in Modesto or Lodi I believe).

    I just looked up BevMo’s keg list and it looks like you can order kegs of Cider! A keg of woodchuck is $174.99 for a 15.5 gal keg. About the same for the Wyders large keg, but they also offer 5 gal Wyders kegs for $88.99!

    Maybe we will get a keg for Labor day.

    Shoot. I am thinking about getting a keg just to keep at the gym! Does anyone have a kegerator?


  • sarah t.

    I knew Sarah wouldn’t call me a cherry picker…She too nice! Looking forward to my modified WOD and might try some jump rope as well. We’ll see I’ve been going none stop at work since 8am and just got a minute to actually eat something other than yogurt and coffee!

  • Mike P.

    Keg of cider…is it even possible to say no to that?? Good knowledge JJ, I’m off to Bevmo on my next run.

    Mountain, I’m a maybe on the 64oz run depending on when it goes down. I’ll be coming back from Ireland that weekend so I might actually have an advantage…

  • Jeff B

    I think I have to try out some of the ciders too. Hard time getting really good beer unless it is homebrewed, and I don’t have time for another hobby.

  • Moises G.

    Todays WOD was rough in the heat! I started out flying and watched my times start to decline. My legs felt as if they were tied together with a band. This WOD would be best on a track for sure. Peace out DCF, im at work gotta go.

  • LEN*

    Nance, Did you forget how many times you climbed up a rope while I watched. Had you came today, I would have let you beat me at Jimmy’s bonus bridge jumping! HEEHEE!

  • jkarno

    430 class:
    the rosten/stornetta crew tore up this wod along with dante and mike cooper.
    jared was running 1:13, while lil stornetta was close behind and eventually overtook him as the champion. man those guys are fast.
    530 class:
    tons of dcfers—sarah and vikki killin the rowers
    terry registering 1:30’s
    carry warner with some 1:30’s
    laci was givin me the evil eye but she stormed through it.
    nick jones with some sub 1:20’s.

  • Lauren

    Yuck Crograns. Yes on the keg of Cider! I started drooling while reading your post JJ. I’m excited.

  • Kevin R

    Safe to say that I am in the minority in that I liked todays WOD. I would also like to see 5k & 10k runs in future WOD’s.
    Go ahead and let me have it now.