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Shelby Tancredi (age 9?) Robert and Carrie’s daughter rowed 4000meters for a $1 one night at the gym while her parents worked out. She rowed for almost 30 minutes while her parents were in class. She wanted to do something, so Craig put her on the rower thinking she’d last a minute or two – (Like Craig!) He gave her a couple pointers and she was off, with awesome form. Mark walked over 15 minutes later and she was at 2000m – so he offered her a $1 to get to 4000m. She ended up with blisters on her heels because she had no socks. She also didn’t want to stop at 4k.

The Tancredi’s moved here from Sacramento – they lived in a tough neighborhood and Shelby stayed indoors all the time. Her weight ballooned to over 100 pounds and was considered obese by her doctor. They moved to WC and she started going outdoors – losing 20lbs in 3 months. She probably lost 5 more during that row!

Workout: As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

25 Wall ball (men 20lb/10ft, women 14lb/10 ft)

25m Weighted lunges (men 25lbs in each hand, women 15lbs in each hand) Use Dumbbells or bumper plates.

Row 250m

Rest 1 minute

Post number of rounds completed (if you get to the end of the row by the end of the time, count it as a full round).


Video from Jon Gilson at Again Faster: Wall Balls

Wall Ball Shots from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo.


Article: Fatty foods affect memory and exercise

“. . . Then half the rats were switched to high-fat rat chow (comprised of 55 percent fat), while the remaining rats stayed on their regular chow (which had 7.5 percent fat). After four days, the rats eating the fatty chow began to falter on the maze test — all of them did worse than when they were on their regular chow. On average, the rats on the fatty diet found only five treats before making a mistake. The rats who stayed with their regular food continued the same high level of performance on the maze, finding six or more treats before making a mistake.

Half of the rats had also been trained to run on a treadmill. After only a few days on the high-fat diet, the rats performed 30 percent worse on the treadmill. After five days of testing, the treadmill performance of the rats eating fatty foods had declined by half. . .”

Click here for complete article.

The problem with headlines and studies like this is that people jump to conclusions! Here is some of the fine print. . . The information on the rat food:

“Low-fat rat chow (a standard formula for lab rats)

7.5% fat, 17.5% protein, 75% carb

The fatty acid composition was 19% saturated fatty acids, 18% monounsaturated fatty acids, 62% polyunsaturated fatty acids, and 6% omega-3.

The high-fat rat chow

55% fat, 29% protein, 16% carb

The fatty acid composition was 27% saturated fatty acid, 48% monounsaturated fatty acid and 25% polyunsaturated fatty acid.”

Zero omega-3s and not even close to enough carbohydrates to support endurance efforts (the only efforts they tested). This is less “high fat diet” and more “complete crap diet”. This also doesn’t take into account the human body’s ability to shift to a “fat burning” mode versus a carbohydrate based energy system.

Bottom line, we know that in order to excel in health and fitness you must eat copious amounts of fat (the healthier the better) while still eating enough carbohydrates and protein. The performance numbers don’t lie (no matter how the rats feel). -jj

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Beautiful story! Shelby and family, welcome to Diablo Crossfit…you’ll never be the same!!

  • Sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    When I grow up, I wanna be like Shelby!! She is an awesome chickie and a great example for her sisters!!

  • Mark L.

    We all could learn something from Shelby (and all kids)! A coach tells a child to do something, and they simply do it. This is why kids will always learn and progress faster than adults. Humility (often seen as a weakness by adults) is a child’s greatest strength.
    I checked on Shelby about every 500m for her last 2000m. Everytime, she looked up at me and smiled real BIG! When I saw her a few days later, we swapped fitness induced blister stories. =)
    By the way, her little sister can do 4 dead hang pullups.

  • jamie

    Shelby, really nice job on the rowing and keep up the great work- I promise, it will pay off.

  • Sarah T.

    Great job Shelby-Wear the hand blisters proudly!
    Looking forward to today’s workout-it will be a great start to my long anticipated weekend!

  • Jeff B

    This WOD looks like it is going to be brutal.

  • jamie

    Darn, 10 feet with 14lbs is high! Nice challege for us ladies. Fun workout….Hector, you really did enjoy all the ladies yelling at you huh?!

  • ADAM

    Somehow, after 2 weeks out of DCF (on the road for work) I pr’d the cleans yesterday @ (185# – body weight). Then during the mini metcon, I felt stronger doing burpees as I went on. The moral of the story is that every now and then you need to take two weeks off and eat apple pie and ice cream every night to make your training better. go figure.

    PS- I also got a flat tire on the way home. Can’t win them all.

  • Scott S.

    So a high-fat diet makes me forget things? That is kind of scary considering that I am a fatty paleo. Maybe Kate will accept that excuse.

    Ok, so I am totally dependent on technology. Since purchasing my iphone, I don’t plan anything ahead in terms of directions. Since the brick wouldn’t work today, I spent 30 minutes trying to find Crossfit Costa Mesa until finally giving up and heading back to Balboa. I feel like a flake.

    The warmup at Balboa was killer. After a 1/2 mile run, we proceeded into a range of core exercises that were extremely “functional” but proved I wasn’t. I think that exercises like this would be extremely beneficial for everyone at DCF!

    Workout (very different):
    CFB WOD – “A.M.R.A.P.”
    5 psuedo push-ups
    10 archer pull-ups
    15 leg swings

    I got 5.9 rounds.

    “psuedo push-up”: Toes balanced on paralettes, hand near naval.
    “archer pull-up”: A ring row, but at the top of each rep, you take one hand and lock it straight out (90 degrees to your body), then control your decent.
    “leg swings”: Basically, toes to bar.

  • Miles

    Jeff, I’m setting my goals high for this one, like 2.

  • Jeremy Jones

    The 6am class started the day with the enthusiasm I suspect is a genetic abnormality. . . but it is definitely contagious. They make it worth getting up.

    A lot of 3 – 4 rounds with even a 5 or two. The lesson is not to pace as you usually would. The forced rests will make you pace anyway. Just go for broke each round. You’ll catch your breath from the Wall balls on the lunges, then rip through the row before taking that rest.

    Happy Birthday Len! *Tomorrow* (I came up with this workout based upon recommendations made by her hubby 6am Matt).


  • Scott S.

    By the way, there was quite the gossip in a post Wod discussion at Crossfit Balboa …

    “I hear there is a gym where they pass around a beer after every workout…”

    Jimmy – your famous.

  • Mike P.

    I’ll be on your heels Miles shooting for 1.9 rounds.

    Having to control the rings on the archer pull ups sound like it would be a good practice for consecutive muscle ups; having to turn your hands outward with arms fully extended at the bottom of each muscle up to count the rep, something I’m far from able to do at this point.

  • 6am....Matt & Len

    Damn ….Looks like we have a captain for the DCF row team. Great Job Shelby!!!!

    As for J.J.’s WOD its the extra 5 wall balls and those damn lunges that put me on the floor. Go hard right out of the gate cause it will put you up 1 round ahead of people trying to pace. Good times with all my homies @ 6am. Thanks for giving Len much love for her B-day.

    We love DCF

  • 6am....Matt & Len

    Damn ….Looks like we have a captain for the DCF row team. Great Job Shelby!!!!

    As for J.J.’s WOD its the extra 5 wall balls and those damn lunges that put me on the floor. Go hard right out of the gate cause it will put you up 1 round ahead of people trying to pace. Good times with all my homies @ 6am. Thanks for giving Len much love for her B-day.

    We love DCF

  • Jeremy Jones


    They also posted one of my pictures from the CFFB cert for today’s post! (look at the filename)


  • JimmyG

    Blaboa is a really cool place. Did you get to see the BEAST they call Welborn???
    Thats funny stuff about the beer…..lol

  • Mark L.

    They “pass around a beer”? I don’t think the 6am-ers would ever share their beer. Everyone wants at least 1 to themselves! =)
    So, I came in earlier than normal to give Jeremy a mid-day break, and I immediately got into a bench press debate with Ronnie Lo. After we realized neither of us were going to budge, I did a warm up and some plyos with the 50# vest (some jumprope stuff and depth jumps) for about 100 touches.
    Then, Romanian deadlifts (which Ronnie Lo joined me for after wondering what the heck I was doing), the I did a few sets of weighted lunges.
    After Ron was somewhere he couldn’t see me, I secretly did a few sets of incline press with the 80# db and some reverse flyes (the USAW recommends them for assistance lifts, I swear!)
    Good times on Friday afternoon in the shed.

  • Amy

    Mo and Paula are very good sports. Without their enthusiasm at open gym I would have left the first time the 14# wall ball punched me in the face. You ladies who rocked 4+ rounds are actually little beasties? AMAZING performance, I am in awe, as usual. I just walk around the gym stunned and injured.

  • Amy

    And JJ, I love that every time I see you we end up talking about poop or vomit.