DCF ‘After hours’. . . (training videos for the new equipment that’s on the way – yeah right. I honestly don’t know what that thing is in the video. I just remember that it was completely ridiculous. -jj)

Workout: Team “JT”

Teams of 2 people will per form a total of:

42 – 30 – 18

Handstand Push Ups

Ring dips

Push ups

The work can be divided up between both people as desired, but only on partner can be exercising at a time. All of the reps for each exercise must be completed before moving onto the next movement (all 42 HSPUs must be completed before going onto 42 ring dips, etc).

Post partner and total time to comments.


Article From Mark’s Daily Apple: The Primal Blueprint for Busy People – Part 1: Sleep and Stress.

“. . .In truth, we’ve done “on the run” posts before with tips on “Primal Pronto” food and exercise, and they’ve been among our most popular. Last week’s comments got us thinking then, why not expand the field? Here’s the first (or third actually) in a series that will put the PB into hyperdrive. Quick, cut to the chase, on the button, effective strategies for living all the PB laws – conveniently constructed with a hectic life in mind. Although the Primal Blueprint is itself designed for efficiency – the most bang for your buck and power for your hour, we all find ourselves in particularly tight circumstances now and then. Work picks up the pace. We add another child to the family. We take on another job or a big volunteer position. We take care of an ailing family member or friend. Real life hits us with a one-two punch that can send us reeling – and send us back to the drawing board to fit in taking care of ourselves. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • 6am..Matt

    Happy birthday Eleni

    Beers all day!!

    I Love You

  • JimmyG

    Happy Birthday Eleni…Hope you get spoiled ALL DAY!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday Eleni! I hope you can get Matt off the rower long enough to party with you. 😎
    What a beautiful day, today! It’s Pixieland for the Linds.

  • Moises G.

    This WOD was a burner, literally my pecs and tri’s were on fire!!! Amy was my partner and we made it happen, she is an animal. Great time at The Shed!

  • luca

    The good old time we had at the Shed today, on my Muay-Thai class I had more women that men, for first time, maybe. We had some fun with some light sparring, just to get used to give and receive shots, and in the two Crossfit classes, we kicked it started with some agility work to get the heart rate up and your body ready to work, JT it’s always a tough WOD, but done with a partner puts a fun spin to it, fun as in bloody hard fun, nice job from all and lets do it again next week.
    Happy Birthday Eleni!!

  • Amy

    JT, aka strong sexy sore shoulders and chest. Mo and I were the Elastic Duo, any kind of modification you can do with the bands we did – amazing I didn’t go flying across the gym. I think we finished in 16:34. Evil warm up from Maestro Luca.
    Eleni, you are an inspiration – you set the bar high for us girls (and early)! Have a wonderful birthday.
    Dropped the 10 pound metal plate on my foot after the WOD today while working on hang power snatches with Laci and Chris.**** bad word said***. All in all, a lovely Saturday.

  • Jennie

    Happy Birthday Eleni!! It was nice to meet you and matt the other night. Hoping to see you again doing the beer mile – I’ll be cheering you on 🙂

  • jkarno

    happy birthday len-dawg!!!!!

  • luca z.

    I have to say I was quite impressed by your Italian today Amy, for the Maestro level certification I need two more years of training 😉