090817 MONDAY


Nick and Paula visit CrossFit Las Vegas for a workout.

Workout: Thruster

5, 5, 5, 5. 5

Record Loads used.

Conditioning Workout:

Surprise workout that will probably include: box jumps, clapping push ups (on knees if you have to), knees to elbows, and double unders.


Article: “No evidence that consumption of dairy or animal products increases breast cancer risk”

“. . . “These studies highlight two very important points,” said American Society for Nutrition Spokesperson Shelley McGuire, PhD. “First we all need to remember that there are really no such things as ‘bad’ foods. Second, observational studies that show associations between diet and health need to be considered with a proverbial grain of salt. These studies clearly provide additional and strong evidence that consumption of meat and dairy products by women does not, by itself, increase breast cancer risk. Further, moderate and mindful consumption of these foods can be very important in attaining optimal nutrition for most women who often do not consume sufficient iron and calcium.” . . .”

Click here for complete article.


We still have tickets for the Pure Pankration fights this Thursday night! (8pm in San Francisco) Email jeremy@diablocrossfit.com if you are interested in going.

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  • JimmyG

    Great way to start off the week…6am and thrusters.
    Cabby went big w/ a 5 rep PR of #175
    Tyler, Josh B, Andrew, Tim, Alan, and Joe V looked great,
    Big Kevin is on vacation in Napa and got up early and drove back to DCF to Get Some!!!
    The ladies looked great as always..Marnie, Michelle, Nancy, Desiree, Kristal, and Rachel.
    We missed the Frediani’s…..

    For the Mini Metcon we did a 21.15.9 of the box jumps, dbl unders, clapping push ups and KtoE….It turned out to be a little long for most of the class, so I suggest something a little diff for everyone else. Times were from 7:45-12 min

  • Tami

    Paula look’n HOT in Vegas!

  • Mark L.

    Nick, this is like the opposite of that picture we took at the USAW cert.

  • jamie

    Nice seeing all you 1030 peeps- I miss you and it has been way too long since we have endured the torture together!

  • tami

    sArAh, as always, your energy and instruction is top notch. Thanks for always pushing me and everyone in class to set PR’s. Love your game face during the mini met 🙂

  • jkarno

    i love thrusters but cant make it in today.
    first time ive been under the weather in a while..should be fine by tomorrow. lovin the new metcon “surprises”. yesterday did a home workout with some dumbbells.

    21 Thrusters w/ 40 lb. dumbbells
    21 situps
    20 yd run
    10 pushups
    20 yd run
    pretty good workout if i do say so myself.

  • Mike P.

    Just when the Niners/Raiders fire dies down…please tell me people have seen the report that Tom Cable punched one of his own assistants and sent him to the hospital…hilarious!

    Stay classy Oakland Raiders.

  • JimmyG

    Stav…I have two openings in FightFit for Abadaba and little guy….sooooo they can learn how to defend and punch people when you take them to the black hole….lmao!!

    P.S… Niners vs Raiders is this weekend!!!
    Gooooo Niners !!!

  • Jeff B

    Thanks for the GREAT Raiders news Mike! Absolutely hilarious. Even though it is preseason this would be a great game to watch at DCF. Wait, is it in Oakland? Is it a blackout?

  • Vili

    Nick & Paula,
    It was a pleasure having you two in our gym when you came to Las Vegas!! Feel free to stop by anytime whenever you’re in Vegas (this invitation goes out to anyone from Diablo CrossFit)!

  • Vili

    Nick & Paula,
    It was a pleasure having you two in our gym when you came to Las Vegas!! Feel free to stop by anytime whenever you’re in Vegas (this invitation goes out to anyone from Diablo CrossFit)!

  • ron C


    I cringe to toss my hat into the Niners-Raiders debate, but isn’t Aaron Rogers the local Cal QB who the Niners “passed” on to draft Alex Smith #1? Ouch!!!!!