090818 TUESDAY

Blowing your WOD on the first jerk is never a good thing

Kristine B. wearing her “Don’t blow your WOD (‘Workout of the day’) on the first Jerk. . . Blowing your WOD is never a good thing. Shirt from American River CrossFit – Nice one guys!

Workout: NorCal Games Qualifier workout A

500m Row

30 Burpees

10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (165 lbs men, 95 lbs women)*

Post total time.

*Must be picked up from the ground -no racks- but cleaning the bar each rep is not necessary. Jerks from behind the neck okay.


Article: “Carnitine for insulin resistance and diabetes”

“. . .We can make carnitine but it is estimated that about 75% of our carnitine reserve comes from our diet. Carnitine is mostly stored in muscle tissue (meat) which means that vegetarians do not take in dietary carnitine. However, a healthy vegetarian diet is low fat and therefore vegetarians require much less carnitine. . . “

Click here for complete article.

My question is that how much carnitine is in what meats, and if you eat enough meat (as all good “Primal” eaters should), is there still a benefit to supplementing? -jj


Upcoming Events

“Pure Pankration” fights Thursday, August 20th

“48oz Mile” competition and Barbecue Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)

“Fight Gone Bad” Fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Research and the Wounded Warrior Project. Saturday, September 26th. (Fight Gone Bad official site, FGB NorCal Site)

– Should we host the Fundraiser at DCF or should we bring a team to CrossFit Oakland? Post to comments.

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  • Yvonne

    Ask Julie, DCF or Oakland, it’s her birthday that day???

  • Lauren

    Hey winetasters we have a tour at 11 so lets meet at the shed at 9:45. Don’t be late or I’ll beat you up. I’m feisty remember? After a tour and tasting at Benziger we are heading to Imagery. I don’t have any other reservations. We’ll proabably go to two more places. I’m open to suggestions. Sebastiani, Buena Vista BR Cohnand came recommended and they all have good yelp reviews. We will probably be home around 5 or 5:30. The limo is full as far I know….

    Carry’s husband

  • Craig

    Kristine B is my favorite student! (inside joke). She’s made amazing progress.

  • Meg H

    Oh My God! I can’t believe someone put that on a shirt! that’s amazing 😉

  • JimmyG

    6am Fight Fit was interesting today.
    Rather than have 1 min rest in between 4 stations, we did 1min of active recovery Jump Rope and no rest. It was hard and different. We liked it.
    After 1 min rest and a 400m sprint we played a pick-up game of stickball….In true CrossFit fashion.
    So you may see a piece of bat stuck in the wall…..Cabby got a hold of a pitch and blew the bat up in the process…..6am will F*#k you up….lol
    Very Dangerous game!!!

  • luca

    I say lets host the FGB event at our box

  • Andrew

    Yes host it our place!

  • Mike P.

    I vote we host!

  • 6am....Matt & Len

    On our way home from SD.
    We missed all our DCF peeps.
    See you guys @ 6am.

    Fight gone bad at DCF

  • 6am....Matt & Len

    On our way home from SD.
    We missed all our DCF peeps.
    See you guys @ 6am.

    Fight gone bad at DCF

  • Mark L.

    Let’s do it at home! I can help out.
    Luca, is there a MT fight event, that day, too (or is that Aug)? I also noticed that the California Strength Open in San Ramon is Sept. 26… a big day for us and our extended peeps, all around.

  • DJ

    Here’s the calendar so far for IKF tourneys:

    Sept 12th – Albany *I’m not going to compete*

    Sept 26th – Antioch
    **ALL of my DCF Muay Thai participants are being ENCOURAGED to participate!**
    Confirmed to compete: Dustin and DJ (me)
    Maybe: Juliana, Tami, Brian, and Hector!

    October – No Bay Area Competitions

    Nov 7th – Rocklin
    I might be participating as well as my Mom (via Thailand) but it’s my birthday, so idk.

    That’s all that has been announced.
    If you haven’t seen the DCF Muay Thai Team compete, you should definitely come support us on Sept 26th in Antioch!! 🙂

    I’ll be in tonight if anyone has questions!
    I’m doing CrossFit tonight, wooohooo!!

  • jamie

    JJ, don’t you have a wedding commitment to that Saturday?

  • Jeremy Jones

    3pm class had 5 people and they all got sub 9 minutes!

    Marshall was first off the rower, then got caught on the burpees and jerks. Both he and Hector went with Rx’ed weight.

    Kathy was last off the rowers, but then first to finish the burpees (that’s what I call smart pacing).

    Johnny finished first out of the class with 5:54 and 95lbs.

    Jamie – are you talking about Julius’ thing? Not sure if is confirmed yet. Besides, the gym can have a fundraiser without me (I think).


  • luca z.

    Short little WOD but what an ass kicker this was, I think the ladies weight at the qualifiers was 105lb, but 95lb was still quite challenging, Meg H. Alyssa, Chris Wa. and Jordan did it as r’xed, but every one did a great job and was dead on the floor afterward. Worked the abs after with a little Tabata leg rises. See you all on Thurs

  • Long-lost super Shannon

    Wow… that has to be one of the most classic CF shirts ever… Miss you guys!

  • Sarah T

    Nice workout today-Thanks Jordan for not allowing me to cut back on the burpees (they didn’t really bother my leg…or I couldn’t feel the pain after 15!) I agree with Luca, short but kicked my ass!

  • Amy

    Back to the grind, all by my lonesome at 3 pm until Jordan showed up. High bar back squat to 145, press-push-jerk combo up to 80, and a 1RM deadlift at 225. My hands are the limiting factor right now, bad callouses!
    Then I gave myself whiplash on the pull up bar. The awesome thing about the heat is that you don’t have to work hard at all to look all glisteny and smelly.

  • Craig

    Wasn’t going to wod today, back is tender, but I love this one. Joined Rob, Leah and Lauren at 5:20PM – thanks Jordan for letting us go between classes!

    Took shirt off mid-wod. Mistake! (Curse vanity!): the bar slipped off my back at rep 6 of the overheads and tweaked my shoulder. Also added 15 -20 seconds of time to reset & clean. 4:35 (same time as the NorCals – wierd).

    This is Bill’s wod! He did it in an impressive 5:05 with push-press in front(!!), and admitted he had more gas. Now you know buddy – this one is an all out kill-it for you. Sub 4.

    Nice to see 100-miler Ben back! (10th place in his last 100-miler).

  • Mountain

    I’m a wuss, so I didn’t do today’s workout. Instead I did:

    50 double unders
    5 deadlifts (275#)
    40 double unders
    4 deadifts
    30 double unders
    3 deadlifts
    20 double unders
    2 deadlifts
    10 double unders
    1 deadlift

    7:30. Eventually, I’d like to do this at 2x bodyweight (~350-360), but I’m definitely not there yet, so I went with the heaviest weight that would still let me trust my form.

  • jordan k

    awesome classes throughout the day.
    great to see amy in there all by herself workin on what she needs to work on…what a stud.
    430 -all 11 crew members were sub 9 with holly, russell and jacqueline all goin rx! jacq was gruntin it out givin it her all. bad mama jamma. holly barely finished this WOD at the qualifiers and now she posted a 7:00 RX?! sarah way to push it even tho you were “hurt”. i love how she came in and said, i dont think i can do this workout, and then she killed it.
    530-group of 18 as we had 3 heats of this workout. yvonne got a sub 6 RX (obviously), her wife craig doesnt even go RX! hahah miles came in with a RX 6:18. and darren’s ex boyfriend, ben crew rejoined us with a 4:33 @ 135#. MACYS BACK!!!!! and she has blonde hair!!!! laci had a nice 6:29 RX also.
    630-lauren didnt want to work out with us cause josh was there but o well. hah mike p won the fastest time of the day with a 4:48 RX. he cheats though because he’s short. travis came in with a nice 6:25 Rx even though we had to yell at him to pick up that darn bar.
    730-justin, lauren, dennis, and kristine tackled the late night session. lauren trucked through this one in the most awesome of ways. first she said she had never pressed that much weight. then she said that she couldnt clean it. her split jerks were awesome and her form got better the more exhausted she got. inspiring to watch. great wod, great day,

    ps mike beat me by 15 seconds and i hate him. and his hat.

  • ron C

    After 7 months at the DCF, I’ve lost 2 inches in the waist, am RXing 90% of the WODs, made a ton of new friends and my wife Lynn is finding me attractive again (yes, she still requires the bag over my head). Thank you DCF!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Best . Testimonial . Ever.

    Lonely late night session. Tired and un-motivated, but I decided to go for it anyway.

    Started with Snatch Grip Deadlifts 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

    205, 225, 245 (snatch grip DL with shrug and high pull), then 275, 305 (no shrug and pull)

    Then today’s WOD: 5:37

    Rowed the 500 in 1:29.1 to fast? . . .yes. Burpees sloooooow. Jerks were 7 and 3. Arms too wrecked from yesterday’s thrusters and clapping push ups.

    I guess I should have went head to head with some peeps to give me that swift kick in the pants (I got a sub 5 last time I did this WOD).



  • Julie


    FO SHO…LET’S HOST FGB…JJ we need to talk about pyramid sponsorship…that would def bring peeps to the shed!!!!