090819 WEDNESDAY “Badger”


Laci conquering the 20 inch box.

Workout: “Badger”

In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 December 2007.

Complete three rounds for time of:

Squat clean, 30 reps (95lbs men, 65lbs women)

30 Pull-ups,

Run 800 meters.

Post total time.

Scaled version: 15 cleans, 15 pull ups, run 800m. If you can’t complete the workout in less than 40 minutes it is a DNF. If you scale the workout down, you should go a little heavier on the cleans.


Article: Sugar (glucose) feeds cancer.

“. . .”It’s been known since 1923 that tumor cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells. Our research helps show how this process takes place, and how it might be stopped to control tumor growth,” . . .”

Click here for complete article.


Another track workout with Jan for those interested:

“Hi all,

Come out and join me for our regular track workout this Wednesday evening at 6:30

at DVC in Pleasant Hill. Everyone is welcome!”

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  • Moises G

    Holy Shit! This WOD is badass.

  • Jeff B

    JJ – To address your watered down coffee. We keep two ice cube trays in our freezer. One filled with water and the other filled with coffee. Coffee ice cubes are great for summer chilled coffee.

  • Big Dave

    0500 class

    This is the FIRST wod I could not finish after the first 2 rounds. I started on the 3rd round at 35 mins and my lower back was too tired.

    I did RX thinking this is not a heavy squat clean but when you fo 60 of them that did it for me.

  • Yvonne

    These WOD’s are brutal because they are in honor of someone dying for us. We need to remember this when doing the workout so it helps you finish. This person died and I am still here living & breathing to do this!

  • Jeff B

    Big Dave – I bet it is tough doing these at 5 in the morning. Not enough people around to push you through. I know when I try to do WOD’s by myself it is much tougher and I don’t do them nearly as quickly most of the time.

  • Lauren

    Badger 2 Lauren 0

    Rematch at 5:30

  • JimmyG

    Well said Yvonne…This wod was Brutiful to say the least.
    Josh B stepped up today and killed it as well as Andrew.
    I felt like crap today and my arm was killing me..thanks for pushing me through Andrew.
    Great effort on this grinder by Justin L, Lauren, Desiree, Nancy, Alan,Rachel, Eleni, Matt and Cabby. Debbie did very well….good job today guys.
    Michelle didn’t make it cause she was out all night at Green Day. I think 100mile Suzie was there too.

  • Laci

    When I started at DCF in January I had a hard time jumping on the 12 inch box. Box jumps still scare me but the 20 inch box is definitely do able now. Still getting up the nerve for the 24 inch box but I am sure with a little more practice it will happen.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Coffee Ice cubes? This group of people never cease to amaze me. I’m in awe.

  • Andrew

    That WOD was definitely a grinder. Almost caught Josh on the last 800m run, I saw him looking over his shoulder, but once I got within 50m on the last 200-250m, but he hit the NOS button and was gone. It was fun chasin ya Josh! And good job Jimmy on getting through the WOD even though your elbow is all messed up.

  • jamie

    Jeff, Genius! You must be committed coffee drinkers. The only hold back is that we have so much grass fed animals in our freezer there is barely room for ice cube or ice cream! Yes, I said ICE CREAM!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jamie SHHHH! We can’t let them know about our secret ice cream habit!

    Jeff – I can see it now:

    Pete’s Coffee Barrista: “You want me to do what?”

    Me: “Put one shot of espresso in each of the ice cube boxes. . is there a discount if i order 12 shots or more?”

    I am going to update the post so that people know to scale this workout. In my book, if you can’t do it in 40 minutes or less it is a DNF. Scale it so that you can do it in 40 or less.


  • Big Dave

    Yvonne – You made me feel bad now thanks

    I will go back this afternoon and finish the last round

  • Carry

    Laci….you look awesome! Great photo 🙂

  • Craig

    BD: now that’s heroic.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Guilt: It’s like motivation, only sour and demeaning.


  • Donna D.

    I can’t help but laugh my ass off when I read these posts!! You guys are nuts!

    Yvonne–WOW! I just LOVE how you put that……I knew it was for for them but I tend to forget….Thank you for reminding me! It will definitely give me that extra push that I need when David and I are toughing it out all alone at 5am… REMEMBER THE HEROES!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    Sorry Dave!!!! 🙂 xoxo

    I just remember doing a hero WOD where I accidently did 300 extra vested squats then prescribed & I kept reminding myself that this guy is gone, I am still breathing & I must finish!!! My finish time was 73:31 BRUTAL!!!

  • Brook

    Amy continues to be an amazing friend but she had me at coffee ice cubes.

  • Meg Rosten

    GARAGE SALE for Liberia
    Hi everyone!
    In addition to having fabulous kick ball tournaments our church is hosting a garage sale on Saturday 8/29 in Pleasant Hill. It is being organized by a group within our church called The Justice League. Darren and I attend the JL group and love it! The proceeds from this garage sale will be 100% given towards micro loans in Liberia Africa. Our church partners with a ministry called AHEAD International (aheadministries.org) and they will be administering the loans. Darren and I had the honor of visiting Liberia with AHEAD last summer and had the most amazing life changing time. We got to know one of the recipients of a loan while we were there. His name is Jeffrey and he is a hard working family man that is now finally able to provide the food and resources his family needs for their every day. He has even paid back his loan in record time and another person is now benefiting from this original loan. Micro loans are one of the most effective ways of empowering people to help get themselves out of poverty! So cool!!!

    Want to shop?
    -Saturday 8/29
    -64 Baylor Lane, Pleasant Hill

    Want to donate?
    -Please contact our friend Ryan Olsen to arrange a drop off at the Baylor Lane home: thatryan1@gmail.com
    -Donations of quality items are being accepted. They are trying to not take “junk” so things like furniture, clothes, books, toys, etc are fabulous!

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
    Meg 🙂

  • jamie

    Jax will take ANY kids toys & 2T winter/fall clothes though! I am happy to donate them after =)

    P.S. Thank you Stav/Jazzy for clothes, Mark/Debbie for clothes/shoes/toys and Craig/Yvonne for toys that have already been handed down to us! We REALLY LOVE THEM and appreiciate it!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- Julie and Tyler did yesterdays WOD…Qualifier. Julie did 5:24 and Tyler did 7:?? Chris Wi was one BRAVE man…did it solo. He got 2 rounds, awesome squat cleans in 30:?? POST TIMES ON THE WHITEBOARD!!!

    1030 class- this is where the torture began….haha!(rubbing hands together)…So, where to begin?! Ill start with the girls. It was so nice to meet Sarah C. BRUTAL first WOD! Denise, Diana, Brook, Meg, Paula, and Juliana put forth amazing effort and beautiful form! Meg and Paula RXd. Way to go girls!! Its so cool to see these women lifting heavy. Beats yoga anyday! Then the boys, good to meet Jason and Ralph!! Kevin and Johnny grinded it out with great form and much heart. Excellent class!!

    BTW, im a dork…couldnt get the timer to start…..DUH……

  • Sarah T

    Sad that I won’t be able to make it in today. Woke up at midnight with horrible back pain on top of a migraine. Spent the next 2 hours trying to get back to sleep. Finally fell aspleep with a heating pad on my back and wet wash cloth over my eyes. My back is still sore today, and I’m exhausted. I think I will take it easy today and maybe tomorrow with some relaxing walks. Hope I will be back in business by weeks end. 🙁

  • Scott S.


    I’ll see you out there …

    Be gentle?

    Ok, don’t be gentle, just be nice.

    Screw that, just kick my ass and call 911 if I faceplant into the track.

  • Sarah T

    What the status on the softball league? If I remember correctly the first game is coming up in September-I’m on Team #1.THANKS

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I’ll be contacting DCF Softball Team 1 this week, Rob B. is the manager for Team 2. Stand by.

  • Yvonne

    Speaking of softball, there are 5 spots left on team #2. If we don’t fulfill that I will send in the team roster and anyone that wants to join later can.

    League starts 9/11-11/6, all games will be on Fridays at 6:30PM, 7:40PM or 8:50PM.

    Team #1- manager Stav, Kaela, Jordan, Laci, Kevin, Jeff B, Sarah T, Kate A, Scott S, Jorgy, Holly, Carry, Tami, Andrew, Julie, Darren, Craig & Yvonne

    Team #2- manager Rob, Kate, Jonathan, Bill, Stephanie, Chanda, Jared, Jamie, Chris, Mike P, Jan, Mitchel & Michael

    Rob does Leah want to play?

  • Amy

    Nice picture, Laci. 24″ is yours for the taking.

    1/2 Badger (scaled to 15 reps with Rx weight) with Yvonne’s inspirational guilting tempered by a desire not to leave DCF in an ambulance at open gym. Jorgy rocked the Music (Devilish) Moms Like To Work Out To for me, thank you so much!
    So I owe DCF and CPO Carter 1/2 a badger, and I will make good on it. And those coffee ice cubes should come with a warning, make you a little crazzeeeeee.

  • Vickie


    Congratulations on the 20″ box jumps. I too have just conquered my fear and feel that I will eventually get to the 24″ box. Just like everything else, conquering ones fear is always empowering. To our next challenge…..


  • Vickie

    I MISS THE MORNING CLASSES!!!!! Getting use to going back to work is hard but I hope to get a routine down once school starts.

  • Dean

    I need to report the truck that rode over me. It’s name was Badger !!! I went at 2pm. I usually run track every wed at that time of the day, at DVC great track.. Yvonne’s words motivated me to do Badger. I did not RX it, I used 65 #. My form on the squat cleans was god awful.There goes the afternnon bike ride.


    WOW Vickie, you went from a lurker to a two in a day comments in the span of a week, I’m impressed

  • Amy

    Vickie, I am looking forward to a stable gym schedule come September that includes seeing you and making it to morning classes again. WODS like todays’ are psychologically damaging when done alone.

  • Sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Big Dave, you openin the gym at 5am?? I think I’m gonna grind a Badg- meister out.

  • Megan

    Go Laci!!!

  • Jeff B

    Taking a week off from DCF is KILLING me!! I think I feel a little refreshed. Hope I see some benefit from this because it is making me crazy. Not quite coffee ice cube crazeee but still crazy.

    Looking forward to softball. Looking at the rosters, geez, we are stacked! Look out Danville, here comes DCF! Did we ever decide on names? Is there a DCF shirt we are wearing for the games?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Back Squats

    Warmed up with sets of 5 at 185, 205, 225, 245 then


    255, 265, 275, 275, 275

    A2A as usual. PR for sure. 315 here I come.

    1/2 Badger (15, 15, 400). Back was very tired from the squats, but I was able to grind through. Breathing felt like I was sucking liquid through a straw (been avoiding the inhaler).



  • Big Dave

    With amazement I went back and finished the 3rd round of Badger.

    3rd round time 15:08

    total time 50:08

    I think i wrote the wong time down on the board

  • Craig

    Thats awesome BigD!! Way to go man. Hope you can walk tomorrow.

  • Mountain

    26:36 RX.

  • Mountain

    I, for one, think Dave did the right thing by stopping after 2 rounds. The tired lower back is a red flag his form was slipping. If he’d forced a 3rd round, there’s a good chance his back would have seized up & he wouldn’t have been able to get up from a squat clean, or it would have gone into spasms on the run. It’s good you came back later in the day & did the final round. That was heroic.

  • jkarno

    foot hurt this morning and couldnt run…sorry morning crew ive missed yall.
    so during open gym i tackled a 10 min amrap of 10 supine ring rows and 10 pushups on paralettes. 7.5 rounds. my arms are sore
    430 class ben jacq strong meg and javier.
    ben c started a full badger and then realized he was gonna die so he tuned it down. 23:17. jacqueline had PERFECT squat cleans @ Rx and killed it in 18:06. i think besides craig and myself she might be the only woman grunter at the shed. haha love it!
    meg came in at 23:14 and javier came in at 22:28 @ 85#.
    530 crew-always a doozie. got to see mo in action during a WOD and he was gettin after it. 37:30 Rx Full Badger….SICK. chang, scott, hector and travis and bill and eduardo got busy in the shed and everyone was workin their tails off. lauren grinded it out in 46 minutes.
    630- nice threesome of dennis russ and adam. nice 19:08 @ 65 for dennis while adam and russ went Full Rx. way to push it guys.
    730 was mountain jenny and michele m. mountain time of the day in 26:36 jenny had a stellar 33:33 and michele got done in 24:16.

    way to come in today everyone because quite a few people cherry picked. i wont name any names but you know who you are. you even might be reading this right now. wusses.

  • Mountain

    Contra Amy, I think there’s something to be said for doing a Hero workout alone. It’s spiritual in its own way. Crazy, for sure, but spiritual– especially if you have some expectations, some mental roadmap of the journey ahead.

    In the words of someone Jordan may know: “life is a mystery/ everyone must stand alone.”

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Damn Mountain…thats a BLAZING time for this WOD! Well done.