090821 FRIDAY

Ask your doctor

‘Nuf said.


3 Rounds For Time of

25 Box Jumps 24/20

25 Push Ups

25 Sit Ups

25 Double-Unders

Scaled version: 3 Rounds x 15 Reps of Each.

Box jumps: heels on the box and hips extended at the top.

Push ups: chest hits the floor and elbows lock out.

Sit ups: shoulder blades hit the floor and chest hits the knees.

Double unders: misses don’t count.


And you thought we were mean…

Cops are great

CrossFit One World’s Freddy Camacho goes Five-Oh on his clients:

“So it has come to this…. I am forced to go “cop” on the gym. I just left the gym. Zvi said I should do this post before I get buzzed or it could get real ugly……”

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  • Sarah T

    WOW-I hope you guys don’t feel that way about us at DCF! I felt bad when I was a minute late the other day…
    Still resting and will be back on Monday. After reading Mark’s post I wish I could have come in Thursday for the met-con with single unders!

  • Mark L.

    We missed you, Sarah, but rest is more important.
    Last day of Oly, then a week of metcons for me! I am SO glad, too. After playing with this program a couple months, I’ve deduced that I can handle about 2 weeks before my low back starts getting into a recovery deficit. Power snatch seems to be the one that really gets it. I’m seeing my chiro, today, to put some punctuation on the transition to the off week. I’ve had no low back “events” since Feb., so it seems all the Oly is doing some good!

  • jkarno

    awesome class at 0600:
    20 DCF’ers at the Shed before the crack of dawn. shibby!!!!
    400 + plyo warmup and we killed it.
    cabby and adam led the way with 9:30 Rx. most people were 12-15 minutes. nice workout to loosen up from deads yesterday. I came in at 13 something. pushups were my nemesis at round three. had to do em 3 at a time. brutal.

  • Craig

    Mark, interesting. I finally caved to my very sore back after 4 weeks of Oly programming (2x per week). I’m resting now and will restart my 12 week cycle in another week.

    My back pain is likely from the hyperextension of my lumbar, especially for overheads. Fatigue, inflexible shoulders and poor form are the culprits. Read: if you can’t get elbows behind the ears don’t hyperextend your back to compensate (a common issue).

    This has been humbling learning experience so far. I’m going to continue my Oly strength training, with longer intervals between workouts and more frequent rest periods. 3 exercises (2 heavy + 1 very light) once every 5 days. I will not be doing mini-metcons post wod.

  • JimmyG

    Great job 6am-ers and Jordan, great job organizing. You have learned well my young padwan….
    It was awesome for RUMBLE to walk in and see 20 peeps getting some before the sun was up!!
    He did the same WOD but I added 2min of Heavy Bag work per round and an 800m row/sprint after round 3. He loves it and continues to support DCF. You will be seeing several new Professional Fighters training with us at DCF soon.

  • Moises G.

    It’s about time we get more fighters, damn it took folks long enough to realize this works.

  • Carry

    Thank you Yvonne for your ‘magic belt’ and for forcing me to at least ‘try’ the 225lb when I hadn’t ever tried the 215lb. I was only trying it to humor you and then everyone was watching so I tried REALLY hard…still can’t believe I did it!

  • Andrew

    Damn it! I accidently set my alarm for 5:55 instead if 4:55 this morning. Oops, this wod was made for me! I’ll have to try it over the weekend.

  • ron C


    Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivores Dilemna” and “In Defense of Food” is speaking at Zellerbach Hall on Wed., Sept. 30th. If anyone’s interested in a Field Trip with maybe dinner/drinks (?), I’d be happy to organize.

  • Holly

    Ron, count me in for 9/30, that sounds like a great evening!

    To all the 225# ladies…slow down so I can catch up will ya!?! DANG!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Beyond the Whiteboard is updated folks. Sorry for the delay. We had some technical issues with the internet at the gym.


  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday Abby!

  • Mike is Invincible@ Crossfit Osan

    It’s official!! We are an affiliate now!!! And the base gym finally delivered two C2 Rowers!! I played fish game till I had blisters today!!!!