090822 Saturday


Ian L. and Jenn W. do the tennis ball partner run.


6 rounds for time of:

5 Weighted Pull-up 45 lbs (25lb women)

5 Shoulder Press 95 lbs (65lb women)

200m Run

Post total time.

Last posted on Tuesday, June 9th. (with an awesome picture of Tami).

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  • Tyler

    I just thought we should get todays post started with a ‘go 49ers!!’ Really there shouldn’t even be a discussion about who the best team in the Bay Area is until the Raiders win a couple more rings and catch up. Prediction: SF 17 Oak 3

  • 6am..Matt

    you could not have said it better.



  • Mark L.

    The Raiders might win. I heard that Tom Cable has a few new policies for the Raider team. Drop a pass, Tom will punch you in the face. Run less than 6 yards on 3rd down, Tom will punch you in the face. Fumble the ball, Tom will punch you in the face twice.
    Everyone have a great day, today! I’m bummed I’m missing this WOD due to the wine tasting thing.

  • Craig

    Congrats Mike (the Invincible) on your new affiliate!! We miss you buddy.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Craig, new affiliate? where? who?

    BTW- Todays WOD was a near meet pukie-ish one for me. Maybe it was the two pieces of chocolate/strawberry princess cake with ice cream, or the handful of IPA’s, or maybe I just hate weighted pull ups. Nice done 10am class.

    Also, I had a friend in town from Louisiana, he’s done some CF stuff before, but never been to an official CF gym, he loved it. I’m trying to talk him to moving his family back to the area…hopefully this was the icing on the cake!

  • Amy

    Lots of birthdays, blow pops all around- I cannot wait for the day Abby is throwing weights around in the shed, she will smoke us all with her warrior spirit. And Jimmy, you scared me until I finally met you, now you just inspire me.
    Luca was gracious and let me slide the WOD in after 11:30 because I am a mental seive (read: mother of a young child) and can’t remember the new schedule (thank the gods I don’t work out at One World!)…12:09, resorted to a band after three unassisted dead hang pull-ups and did the presses with 55#, or we might have been there for a very. long. time. Last time we did this WOD I finished in 15+ minutes and remembered having to drop down to 45# presses for the last round because I couldn’t get the barbell off my head. Mo and Shiva are hired as cheerleaders.
    All the same I smelled really bad in Costco afterwards; the times improve but the smell never goes away.
    P.S. Vickie and Luca are eloping this weekend to Sin City. Shazam!

  • luca z.

    SSSHHHH Amy, we don’t want Alessandro to find out before we are gone. We’ll leave some food in the freezer a note on the fridge, he”l be fine.
    Great Saturday at the Shed, one more new lady in my Muay-Thai, no not Amy yet, although she could have used a good bag to punch today, from what I’ve heard, Desiree I think her name is, I’m bad with name, as you all know by now, she started with a ” can I watch?” approach and ended up punching like a pro, nice work, and thanks to Lorena for helping me train Denise, she had a case of mental seive too, Amy it must be contagious, she forgot the class time was at 9, anyway all is well what ends well . Nice size class at the 10am, dished out some advises, hopefully they listened and do as I said, in a nutshell, work out hard, eat well, rest well and stretch, simple rules to live your life by.
    Shiva, by the way today is her birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shiva, Mo and a bit later Amy had some fun of their own at the 11(30)class, Mo did the WOD with the weighted west running and pressing too with it, nice work my friend, you are so close to be back to 100%, keep working hard.
    See you all on Thursday, Vegas here we come!!!

  • luca z.

    I meant Diana not Denise, here we go again with the names

  • Jeff B

    Vicki and Luca – HAVE FUN! I wish I was able to make it to some of your classes Luca. Amy’s posts make it sound like so much fun. Do you want us to make sure Alessandro does not run out of food while you are gone? 🙂