090824 Monday

+++Muay Thai Canceled Tonight!+++


DCF: Forging Elite Cheeto Consumption.

Workout: Back Squats

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads used.

Mini Metcon:

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:

Row 250m

15 ring push ups

15 back extensions

L sit 15 cumulative seconds

Post number of rounds completed.


Article: Why Sleep? Snoozing May Be Strategy To Increase Efficiency, Minimize Risk.

“According to the journal Science, the function of sleep is one of the 125 greatest unsolved mysteries in science. Theories range from brain “maintenance” — including memory consolidation and pruning — to reversing damage from oxidative stress suffered while awake, to promoting longevity. None of these theories are well established, and many are mutually exclusive. . .

In humans, the brain constitutes, on average, just 2 percent of total body weight but consumes 20 percent of the energy used during quiet waking, so these savings have considerable adaptive significance. Besides conserving energy, sleep invokes survival benefits for humans too — “for example,” said Siegel, “a reduced risk of injury, reduced resource consumption and, from an evolutionary standpoint, reduced risk of detection by predators.” . . “

Click here for complete article.

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  • Brook

    Thank you Jeremy for making feel like I am in good company as I check out Diablo crossfit eating my mint chocolate chip ice cream right before bed.

  • Yvonne

    My husband will eat anything placed in front of him.

  • Jasmine

    From the looks of all the pics, you all sure seemed to drink a lot of beer on your wine tasting trip!

    Craig, you have so many secrets to success. Last time I believe it was McDonalds. You are impressive 😉

    Glad you guys all had a great time. I guess we’ll know in about 6 to 12 weeks if anyone had as much fun as Stav and I did on our wine tasting trip 😉

  • Moises G.

    More DCF Babies?!!! That would be great, we shall see. LOL!!!

  • Laci

    Great picture!

  • Craig

    What happened to Jorgy’s creedo: “what happens in the limo, stays in the limo”?!

    Those are Paleetos, by the way. You can only find them in grocery stores in Napa usually after your vision has been blurred by several winery visits.

  • JimmyG

    6am Squats. Marnie just keeps getting heavier and heavier and her form is perfect.
    Justin L was going big with Alan, Jeff B, Matt, and Tim S.
    Josh B was with Big Kevin and me, but we got more of a work-out taking the weights off for him than anything….lol J/k buddy..
    The ladies looked fantastic as well…
    Nice Mini-metcon after….Have a great day everyone.

  • jamie

    I like Craig’s Paleetos diet- sign me up!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Not trying to pick on Craig. . . That was the best picture of the Paleetos consumption we had. He didn’t even buy them, and he only partially contributed to their demise.


  • Rodil

    Would anyone like some extra zucchini from our garden? Let me know here on the board and I’ll leave some on the plastic shelves by the roll-up door. They’re extra-organic (meaning all we used was compost and water 🙂

  • Craig

    We’d go for some of that zucchini, Rodil.

    But first, what exactly is in your “compost’?

  • jamie

    JJ & I will take some too!

  • Mark L.

    If there’s any zucchini left, I’ll take one or two!

  • jorgy

    I would love some zucchini if Craig, JJ and Mark don’t bogart it all.

  • Chris Wacinski

    Thanks to Julie and Chris Wi for keeping an eye out on my form on the back squats.

    The mini was great. I was actually able to hold myself up for the first time for the L-Sits. I can’t believe that the PVC pipes didn’t epic fail with all my weight on them.
    -Chris Wa

  • Amy

    Jeff, have you crossed over to the darkside? As in, the 6 a.m. dark side? Or are you spying on their ass-kicking habits? I

  • Amy

    Jeff, have you crossed over to the darkside? As in, the 6 a.m. dark (out)side? Or are you spying on their ass-kicking habits?

  • Rodil

    Wow, lots of takers on the zucchini. I’ll bring some more on Wednesday and leave it on the shelves under the “Free zucchini” sign.

    Compost is all good. Veggie and fruit peels/ends, Starbucks coffee grounds, dirt, yard waste from grass/weeds that are also organic (I’m too cheap & lazy to buy/use fertilizer or pesticide 🙂

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    930 class- To work with Chris Wi and Wa, Ron,Terry (get away sticks), Julie and Johnny is always a blast! Always laughing but getting some serious weights squatted. Lisa, Shawna, Diana and Lynn stayed outta the goofy corner and threw their own weights around…Would ya blame em?! Great form girls!!

    1030 class- Shane came in to play with the class. Nice to meet you!! Rodil PRd at 185#!! nice job!! Meg has got the back squat down pat…and the L sits. Brook and Jenny P threw some heavy weight around, too!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Luca just let me know that Muay Thai is canceled tonight (Luca is in Las Vegas, and DJ is sick).

    Anyone wanting to still workout can go to CF class instead. . .


  • ADAM

    Does anyone know anything about either Crossfit949 or OC Crossfit? I’m going to Sna Clemente in a few weeks and would like to catch a WOD at one while I’m there.

  • Mountain

    Last night I was watching the video of yesterday’s WOD, and realized both team members were working at once. I had just assumed it was only one teammate at a time, the way most of our team workouts are, and instructed the 3 o’clock to do it that way. I guess that’s why it’s a good idea to watch the video BEFORE the workout.

    Now that I now the right way to do the WOD, I’m looking forward to the next time it comes up. 8:34 is going down.

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    I heart Amy!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Adam, I don’t know anyone from those CFs, but you should try and swing by CrossFit Balboa and CrossFit Newport Beach. Those places are awesome.

    Mountain – Yeah, the rule for the workout was that neither person could be doing the same thing at the same time (no two people doing rope climbs for example). Not exactly like our usual team workouts.


  • jamie

    And the bonus is that your partner isn’t standing there with nothing better to do than yell at you….

  • Jeff B

    Dropped in on the 6 am class today. Watched crazy 5 am peeps do the mini then warmed up in the dark.

    PR’d on BS (back squats) reaching the 200# mark for the first time! Still a ways to go but inching my way up there. Going barefoot until I get some real lifting shoes, it helps.

  • Amy

    Sarah is on the 225 girlie deadlift team. Next week let’s make it 230, ladies.
    I am stuck back squatting 145 high bar. Assistance, por favor? I was up to 165 low bar last month. What do I lack? Cheetos?
    Power cleans afterwards. Lord almightly. Always something.

  • Smart Ass

    “What do I lack?” Leg strength.

    Add more rest (e.g., less workouts) & more calories (protien).

  • Yvonne

    Does that mean what was hanging out can be mentioned?

    Lost my silver thongs wine tasting does anyone have it in their bags? If not probably in DCF trash can.

    Amy, your oly shoes does not fit me. Placing an order for oly shoes, does anyone beside me & Amy want to get a pair, email me?

  • ron C

    BEER and MEAT
    Michael Pollan (author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food” ) is speaking at UCB, Zellerbach Hall on Wed., Sept. 30th. The available tickets in large blocks (10 or more) are $30/person.
    There’s been a lot of interest to attend and have dinner/drinks as well. Let me know who’s a definite and I’ll front for the tickets.

  • Scott S.


    I second JJ’s Crossfit Balboa recomendation. Max Mormont had some good form advice when I was down there a few weeks back. $35 for drop-in and a t-shirt.


    I want to go to the Michael Pollan lecture but gawked at the $30 (I am a cheap-ass). If it turns into dinner and drinks though … Kate and I could probably be convinced …

  • ron C

    Hi Scott, I know what you mean about the $30 bucks. The $16 seats are gone and there aren’t that many $24 seats left. If there’s a Cal Alum at the DCF, we can save $5/person.

  • Rodil

    Ron – count me in for a ticket to the Pollan lecture next month.

  • Moises G

    Got down today with Jordan, we hit the squats and went heavy. However we found out we could have gone heavier after our last set of 5. We went up to 305# for me and Jordan hit 315# EASY!!!!! Boy has some strength. After, we hit up the Mini Metcon and got KO’d. Good times.

  • jordan k

    cal alum right here baby!!!!!!!!!!!! down for the lecture for sure. click on my name and email me the info bud. well get it set up. metcon kicked my ass and mo’s. great clases today everyone had money form on their squats. 530 class was a beast. i had half row and half run and all 20 of em gave it their all. good strength day. i can really feel it under my bum.

  • Laci

    I worked out at Primal Crossfit in DC this evening. $18 cab ride, $20 walk in fee, $10 shirt were all worth the great workout. Didn’t love the area of the gym but the people were cool. Great first non-DCF workout. Push press 3×5. Then an exhausting little metcon. 100 m run, 7 burpees, 9 box jumps, 12 pull-ups. Great day!

  • Lacu

    Oops Forgot the metcon was 4 rounds….it’s late here, haha

  • Jeremy Jones

    I just realized that Yvonne’s comment less the “s” after “Thong” would completely change the context.

    Did the squats later than everyone else, but at least they got done:

    245, 255, 265, 275, 275 (2)

    Another PR. Sweet. I got interrupted before my last set and had about 10 min in between. When I went to go for the last set, I wasn’t feeling it and called it after two reps.

    Mini metcon: 4 rounds plus 189m of rowing. Hardest part: L sits. Usually a strength of mine (I had a 30 sec straight legged L sit at one time) now has become much harder with a pulled abdominal muscle.