091016 Friday


Jan vs Fran.

Workout: Front Squats:

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Record loads used for each round.

Metabolic Conditioning Workout: Row 500m max effort, rest as needed (about 2 minutes is probably good)

Row 500m max effort again. Try and beat your first effort with a slower strokes per minute (SPM) rate by increasing the efficiency of your stroke.

Record times for each row, and the rest in between.


Challenge of the Month

On my worldly travels I had the pleasure of training with Alchemy CrossFit in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Adam the owner and head trainer had their gym do “challenges” each month as an addition to the workouts. Some of these workouts are simple gymnastics moves (see my handstand for time photo from last week), or other brief feats of strength, balance, etc.

The challenges change each month and are completely optional. If you’d like to have a go at one during open gym or in between classes, make sure there is someone there to count reps (if needed), and make sure you are not getting in the way of the classes etc.

For October we have the “Trick or Sprint” race:

200m Farmer carry for time. Men use the 80lb dumbbells. Women use the 45lb dumbbells. You can set the DBs down as much as you’d like (but you cannot throw them down and run after to get some extra distance).

First place men and first place women will get a prize for their stout candy carrying abilities.

The Deadline will be October 31st at 11:59:99pm.

Good Luck!


Mount Diablo Unified School District Fundraiser!

Due to budget cuts, the MDUSD High school sports programs have lost their funding. This Sunday, October 18th, 2009 there will be a 5k run/walk to generate money for The United Mt Diablo Athletic Foundation.

Check out their United Mt Diablo CrossFit Athletics website by clicking here!

Post to comments if you plan on making it out.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I’m planning on running in the 5k race. This is a great cause, come out and support it if you can!

    BTW, Jan looks focused in this pic, watch out 2010 season!

  • Andrew

    How many times can we try the challenge?

  • Mark L.

    Great classes, last night. Helen is always fun. We started out with a warm up Mountain came up with, using progressively higher and higher box jumps and wall balls.
    We had several PRs on Helen. Carry PR’d and updated her leaderboard performance with 9:46.
    Malissa posted a 16:05 which was almost 2 minutes off her best, and she used the RX kettlebell (10# more than last time), and was only using the blue band on pullups (she used a green and blue, last time). That’s like a DOUBLE PR!
    Terry PR’d with an 11:00RX.
    Elizabeth and Christina fought it out next to each other with heroic efforts on both their parts.
    Another highlight was watching Shannon jump 52% of her height onto the 32″ box during the warm-ups (this was later repeated by Clara in the 7pm class). Shannon finished up in 11:18RX.
    Great work all the way around. Solid high intensity!

  • jamie

    Andrew, I think it should be as many times as you want to put yourself through that torture!

    Went to my first 6am today….NICE! Saw some nice & deep front squats and some big lifting. Some crazy fast rowing too (even more so considering it is so darn early)! Rock stars.

  • 6am....Matt

    Good times at 6am
    Came into the shed with 5am Joe killing a WOD as usual.
    Had big Kev on the left in the cage going big and heavy.
    Had Jamie Jones on the right going heavy (nice job Jamie)
    I was working the front squats with some great coaching from Craig & Cabby
    and managed to get my PR! 195×5

    Metcon Time

    I was going to opt out of the rowing metcon cause I felt I have been rowing lots.
    It all changed when I saw Craig sit down on the rower and punch in 500m mode on the concept 2 screen. So I jumped on a rower and tried to keep pace with Craig.

    Craig pulled a 1:21 and change…..I punched this time in on the concept2 website to see where Craig would rank in the Concept2 online logs.
    Craig would be ranked in the top 13 out of 1800 Men (all ages) who use the concept 2 website. WOW…and by pacing with the beast I also got my PR at just over 1:26

  • Danny

    I’ll be out there at the 5K run, running with my lacrosse team and my fellow coaches. Hope to see you out there!

  • jamie

    6amMatt & Craig- that was some crazy impressive rowing. I was sitting next to Matt & thought that he may fly off the rower at any second!

  • Matt C.

    I’m planning on running on Sunday too. A great cause for my first 5K race!

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    Jamie is correct Andrew, you can make as many attempts as you like.

    In fact, multiple attempts is encouraged!

    Personally, I wouldn’t try the day of Halloween (or the day before), you want to make sure that your grip isn’t fried for trick or treating.


  • Craig

    Great group this morning. Nice to see Joe Bravo (coolest name ever) at 5AM.

    6AM’rs had quite a number of FS PR’s. Remember, “butt back first! then bend zee knees”. Fun to watch big Kev go heavy – makes me want to get under the bar. Jamie was a natural at 6AM – goin’ big, hangin’ with the crew, hmm, new 6AMr?

    I’ve been nursing my lower back for a few weeks now – warmed up and did a few sets of FS a moderate weight. Hit the rower for a 500 and pulled a 1:21.6 – unofficial since I chose “500m Row / 1min intervals” and the timer restarted before anyone else could verify. No worries – I faded toward the end and should have pulled one more stroke. So, I got a sub 1:20 in me for sure. Not braggin’. Its literally dumb luck that I’m built for that machine. Bummer news – my back is killing me now. Gotta go see a doc, this is ridiculous.

    And big thanks for the props, Matt – but your PR 500m this morning (in your 2nd 500m) after PR’s in front squats is way more impressive!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Kaela and Vicki squatted in the 9a class. Vicki PR’d @ 95#! Way to work, chica! Great to see Kaela…missed ya girlie!

    10a- Kevin, Ray and Michele worked on form today. Kevin got up to 165#. Christina can squat!! Great depth.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I like to see Craig and Matt F. verbally massaging each other about their 500m rowing times…lot’s of love!

    “You’re faster”
    “No, you’re faster”
    “NO, you’re the most fastest!!”

    Both you guys could row circles around me, but Craig…get healed up!

    My plan is to leave work early Sunday morning and make it to the 5k race. If I’ve got some juice left, I’ll make attempt at a Helen PR afterwards.

  • Mike P.

    Stav, I might join you on Sunday for Helen. I need some brutally intense WOD’s to get me back in the flow and having to chase after you, while miserable and never ending, is a pretty good push. If you figure out a time let me know and I’ll join if I can.

  • Carry

    Mountain….what was your Helen time yesterday? I know it was close to 8min.

  • Mountain

    First– happy birthday, Jordan! I don’t know if you still read this, but if you don’t, you should!

    Second– 2:26 in my first try at the “Trick or Sprint.” I definitely plan to do this every couple of days. Grip is the limiting factor, but it takes a pretty big toll on your lungs, too. My bodyweight plus the dumbbells is about 340 pounds, so even without grip as an issue, that’s a lot of weight to move. For Andrew or Foxy Bloxy, the two dumbbells are equal to their bodyweight.

    Third– I’ll be at the 5K run Sunday morning.

    Finally– My Helen time was 3 seconds slower than my PR. No, I’m not bitter about that.

  • adamwells

    For some reason the challenge of the month doesn’t seem that hard… but like all things crossfit, I’m sure i will be swiftly humbled. I think I need to lower my expectations… or be ready to eat more crow.

  • adamwells

    PS – I think crow is paleo.

  • Long-lost super Shannon

    Mountain I still read the DCF page! Tell HoHo she owes me a phone call, too!!

  • sarah@diablocrossfit.com

    Damen…friggin’ beast! Front squats, row, Farmers carry?!?! He did a 1:45 farmers carry. Dropped it only once. Nice job!

    Ben came in and had shoulder hell for lunch. Way to work!

    2p class- Marshall PR’d with a 265# front squat. Dean worked on form and ended the workout having BEAUTIFUL F squat form. Rodil- nice to have you back! Sam worked her way up to 45# with good form.

  • Sarah T

    Don’t forget about the softball games tonight in Danville. Team 1 plays frist at 6:30 and then Team 2 will play after! Come and cheer us all on!!! 🙂