141016 Thurs – Town Hall Tonight & #TBT

Town Hall Pano 2Update: We Will Have the Giants Game on!

Tonight at 6:30pm we will be having another Diablo Town Hall Meeting. This is your chance to give your feedback to the Diablo leadership team about our community, classes and business. We’ll briefly talk about our plans, our cool upcoming events, and our future. Some topics we may cover: the recent member survey, class changes, new clinics and a celebration for our Legendary Members (members who have been with us since 2008!).

We will be having a reception from 5:00pm – 6:15pm in the front room with catered Mexican food, beverages & ciders. As a special offer for attendees, all Diablo Fitness Engineering merchandise will be TAX FREE!

Note: the last class of the evening is at 5:30pm. If you’re in class, join us after the workout. Come with your questions & ideas!
Duck Crossing#TBT to when we had these guys Drop in for Open Gym.


Mobility:  Shoulder Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up:  Handstand Push up practice. (Don’t do too many here and burn out, just practice technique)

Workout:  “Captain Kirby” – For Time.

Row (Advanced: 900m, Intermediate*: 800m, Novice: 700m)

then 5 rounds of:

Handstand push up (Advanced: 8 reps, Intermediate*: 4 reps, Novice: 4 db press)

10 burpees over the bar (lateral)

10 hang power snatch (Advanced: 95lbs, Intermediate*: 65lbs, Novice: 35lb kb swings)


Row (Advanced: 900m, Intermediate*: 800m, Novice: 700m)

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:  17 – 24 minutes

Coaching Tips: Take the first row easy, it is just the warm-up. Chop up your reps into smaller sets on the parts of workout you think you may struggle with (i.e. snatch or HSPU). Burpees just keep at a consistent pace. Last row is an all out effort.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To:  New Workout!


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