141104 Tuesday – “Astro Zombies”

Mobility: Hip Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging 3 rep overhead squat out of rack.

Workout: “Astro Zombies” – 5 rounds for time.

5 overhead squat (Advanced: 135lbs, Intermediate*: 85lbs, Novice: 55lbs)

10 pull ups (kipping)

15 lateral burpees over the bar

1 minute rest

*Women’s Rx

Scaling Guide: 13 – 19 minutes

Scale up option: Weight (155/103) and the pull ups to c2b for an extra challenge.

Coaching Tips: Only squat snatch the first rep if you feel like the weight is manageable. For most people it will be best if you clean, jerk, put it on your back, then widening the hands to the OHS position. Don’t be afraid to go a bit heavier on this one because each round you go to the barbell, you will have been rested one minute. That being said, FULL DEPTH is required. Do not use a weight you aren’t comfortable going all the way down with. Go unbroken on the pull ups if you can (and not risk tearing your hands). Push the pace on the burpees because of the forced rests.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To: 2014 – 11 – 03

 Optional “Cash Out”: 1000m row

‘Cash Out’s are  OPTIONAL workouts that can be completed after class.  If you scaled the metcon back too much, or you just didn’t hit it hard enough for whatever reason, and you have ‘plenty of gas in the tank’, go ahead and rally a group of people people from class to do the cash out (the coach will probably be too busy getting the next class ready so you will be on your own).

These are not for time, and they are only for those who weren’t able to hit full intensity during the metabolic conditioning workout (not for extra punishment because you ate a cupcake last week).

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