141202 Tuesday – “Wolfthorne”

Mobility:  None, but here is some homework to work on before class.

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Skill Practice Warm Up:  Work up to a challenging weight in the following complex: 1 squat snatch, 1 overhead squat

Workout:  “Wolfthorne” – 3 rounds for time.

4 squat snatches (Advanced: 115lbs, Intermediate*: 63lbs, Novice: 35lbs Kettle Bell Swing)

5 overhead squats (Same, Novice: 53lbs Front Squat)

6 clean & jerks (same)

7 thrusters

18 burpees over the bar

1 Minute Rest

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:  15 – 22 minutes

Scale up option/Plan D weight: 135/83lbs

If mobility hinders your snatch and overhead squat too much sub kettle bell swings for the snatches and front squats for the over head squat instead so you can keep more weight on the bar for the clean & jerks and thrusters.

Coaching Tips: For the squat snatches you can do a power snatch to ohs, if you don’t have a true squat snatch yet. Make sure to utilize the hook grip throughout the workout to save your grip. When your legs start to fatigue make sure to keep your form legit. Keep your hips down and chest up as you pull of the ground for the snatches and clean & jerks.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To:  2013 – 11 – 29


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