141230 Tuesday – “Antarctic Snow Cruiser”

Mobility:  Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: Starting light, spend 10 min working up to a challenging clean and jerk single. Then plan on doing that weight for 2-3 sets. Overall, you should be doing 1 rep every 60 to 120s

Strength Workout: None

Metabolic Conditioning Workout: “Antarctic Snow Cruiser” – 4 Rounds for Time

10 Clean & Jerks (Performance: 135lb, Athletic*: 83lb, Health: 53lb)

20 Box Step Ups (NO JUMPING) (Performance: 24in, Athletic*: 20in, Health: 12in)

400m Run

1 Minute Rest

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Optional Performance: 5 rounds if you can do 4 rounds in under 15 min – for time cap cut off, don’t count the final rest minute, so if you finish your run at 14:55, go ahead and do a 5th round after the rest, starting at 15:55.

Scaling Guide: 18 – 24 Minutes

Plan D Scale Up: 5 Rounds, 155/103 C&J, Box Jumps – No Step Ups.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Optional “Cash Out”: None

This Saturday!

We hope you join us at Diablo CrossFit’s annual Holiday Partaay! Let’s kick off the new year and celebrate the old with all your friends.  Need another reason to celebrate with us? Dry Caveman starts January 4th!

holiday party fun


Location: 1515 Restaurant & Lounge, Downtown Walnut Creek  (Parking is limited near restaurant. Plan ahead or take a taxi/ uber to get home safely)

Attire: No Holiday Theme this year. Think dressy/casual – please no flip flops, hats, sports jerseys, knee sleeves, or weight belts.

Food & Drink: We will be supplying heavy appetizers and 2 drink tickets for “well” drinks or beer.

Purchase Tickets 

There will be NO tickets sold at the door this year. Please buy no later than Friday, January 2nd.

What your ticket gets you:

  • Private Party with all your friends
  • Yummy food and drinks
  • A night to let loose outside of the gym!

If you have questions: please email christy@diablocrossfit.com

The Dry Caveman Challenge Starts this Sunday!

Get all the info HERE and Sign Up Below.

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