150115 Thursday – “Row’d Royalty 15.2”

Row’d Royalty’s 2nd Workout was announced today. Team Diablo is doing well after the first week and we are tied for first place thanks to a bunch of different DCFer’s. Great job Renae, Alessandra, Debby, Kayla, Jeff, Ben, Jamie, Matt & Chris.



YouTube Preview Image

Mobility:  None.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Rowing Technique Work.

Workout: “Row’d Royalty 15.2”

400m row

1 minute rest

1200m row

Score 2A: 400 meters for time

Score 2B: 400 meter time + 1200 meter time

Workout 2 PM3 Score

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Compare To:  New Workout!

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Step 1: Enter the email you used when registering.

Step 2: Enter your Score from Workout 2A.

Step 3: Wait for the screen to Refresh then Enter your Score from Workout 2B.

Optional “Cash Out”:  10 push press, 10 hang cleans, 10 deadlifts, 3 rounds (light weight)

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