150909 Wednesday – Year End Goal Testing

Lower Body Mobility Seminar – Sep 12 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Join Dr. TJ Bachmeyer, Diablo CrossFit member and owner of the SPINE Chiropractic Care for a two hour seminar covering The Lower Body. What the seminar will cover: The Squat and HOW to make it awesome.

  • Knee pain? No problem
  • Ankle mobility
  • Open the Hips
  • Unglue the Hamstrings
  • Do you have beef jerky in your quads?
  • Box jumps for speed
Get that explosive hip driveFREE for No-Limits Ultra, $10 for members, $25 for non-members.  If you sign up before your monthly membership renews it will charge you. Please email either info@diablocrossfit  or christy@diablocrossfit to add you into the class. This class in non-refundable but can be transferred to another event or clinic in the future.

Mobility: Hip Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Strength: None. But if you are not coming in on Friday you can test your Front Squat today.

Metabolic Conditioning: Year End Goal Testing.

Choose 2 – 3 to test. Try to do one Strength movement, one Gymnastic, and one small Met-Con.

Click on the links below to take you directly to the ‘Beyond the Whiteboard’ site for these tests.

Max effort 400m run

Max effort 200m run

Max effort 100m run

Max effort 800m run

Max effort 1 mile run

Max effort 100m row

Max effort 250m row

Max effort 500m row

Max effort 1000m row

Max push-ups in a minute

Max consecutive push ups (no dropping off of toes)

Max sit ups in a minute (abmat, feet unanchored)

Tabata Squats

Max consecutive kipping pull ups (not dropping off the bar, interrupted kipping is fine)

Max consecutive strict pull ups

Max weight from the floor to overhead (Clean and Jerk)

Max weight deadlift

Max weight overhead squat

Max consecutive double unders

Max height box jump

Max distance broad jump

Max weight bench press

Max weight turkish get up

“Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders and sit ups

“Baseline” 500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups – for time

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: 15 – 08 – 05

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Coaching Tips: Try to pick one Strength movement, one Gymnastic, and one small Met-Con.

Optional ‘Cash Out’: Annie

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