150928 Monday – “Happy Trails”

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Mobility: Ankle Mobility.

The few minutes we usually mobilize before class is nowhere near enough time to correct the individual mobility problems we all have. That time is meant to show you what to do outside of class. (Teach a man to Fish) If you want to improve Range of Motion you must spend time on your own outside of class.

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Strength: Snatch – Session 7 of 14

7 x 1 (7 sets of 1 reps, “across,” same weight for each set)

It’s time to go up in weight. Add 5 – 10 pounds from the last week. Think 90 – 100% of your known max or what you got to on August 27th. The goal of the next mini cycle of 7×1/6×2/5×3 should be to be start feeling comfortable at or near your old max and to be able to do multiple reps at that weight. Once we get to doubles and singles drop the bar from the top each time, don’t waste the energy lower it down (That means it’s too light) If you cannot do a squat snatch your goal will be to catch it as low as possible and over the weeks work on catching it lower and lower.

Super Set: 7 x 4 Single Arm Ring Row (7 sets of 4 reps, at the same angle for each set)

Keep your shoulders square, it helps to hold the non rowing hand out in front of you to accomplish this. Do not bottom out when your arm is fully extended, stay active at the bottom. Also make sure you are not bouncing out of the bottom, slow and controlled is the name of the game.

Metabolic Conditioning:  “Happy Trails” 4 Rounds for Time

8 DB Hang Power Clean (Performance: 45lbs, Athletic*: 30lbs, Health: 20 lbs)

12 Box Jumps (Performance: 24in, Athletic*: 20in, Health: 12in)
Then 800m Run (After the 4 rounds)

Scaling Guide: 5 – 9 Minutes

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: New Workout!

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Coaching Tips: Make sure your ankles are warmed up and mobilized for this one. Grit through the 4 rounds as fast as possible then pace the first half of the run. Speed up once you know how you feel during the run. Don’t forget to sprint the last part of the run!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 4 min row or assault bike for calories

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