151012 Monday – “Africa”

This Saturday is Barbells for Boobs.
The Workout:
This year we are mixing it up from the tired and true Grace. We are asking you to grab a friend, partner, gym-mate, anyone to do the workout with and have some fun. Partners can be male/male, female/female, or male/female teams.
The workout will be For Time: 1 round of Barbara, Grace, then 1 round of Barbara again. Work can be divided up between you and your partner as you see fit.
Detailed Workout breakdown:
Barbara: (1 round)
  • 20 pull ups
  • 30 push ups
  • 40 sit ups
  • 50 air squats
then Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
then Barbara: (1 round)
  • 20 pull ups
  • 30 push ups
  • 40 sit ups
  • 50 air squats

Mobility: Hip Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Hip Extensions / Glute Ham Raises

Strength: Deadlift – Session 1 of 14

5 x 1 (5 sets of 1 reps, “across,” same weight for each set). This is our new strength cycle. Base your numbers off your max deadlift from the other day. Start conservative at 70 – 80%. Envision the weight you want to hit in 6 weeks and base what you lift today off of that. We will go through 4 mini cycles of 5×1/7×1/9×1. You should have perfect form. Really use your hamstrings and a perfectly flat back. This first cycle is meant to clean up your form and get your body to ready to start adding weight over the coming weeks.

Super Set: 5 x 3 Weighted Pull Ups (5 sets of 3 reps) Use a light weight for this first week, if you can’t do a strict pull up yet pick the smallest band possible.

Metabolic Conditioning:Africa”– 7 Minute AMRAP

8 Burpees

8 Pull Ups (Performance: C2B, Athletic*: Kipping, Health: Ring Rows)

8 Russian KB Swings (Performance: 70lbs, Athletic*: 53lbs, Health: 35lbs)

Scaling Guide: 4 – 8 Rounds

Scale Up: 4 Bar MU + 4 C2B, 88/70

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: 2015 – 03 – 14

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Coaching Tips: This one will move fast if you waste time on transitions. Try to move steady on the elements, and hustle between stations. When you have to rest, try and do it in the middle of a movement (like pull ups). As the rounds progress, most people will lose a lot of pop from their hips on the pull ups. Remember that kipping pull ups require violent hip extension, especially chest to bars!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 2 min row, 100m overhead db carry, 2 min row

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