151103 Tuesday – The CrossFit LiftOff

Come by the gym this Friday night starting at 6:30 to watch some of our best athletes compete in the CrossFit LiftOff. Diablo is built on competition and we wanted to get our games level athletes lifting together as they compete against the CrossFit community. The CF LiftOff is similar to the Open where they announce the workout and you have a few days to complete it. We will have light snacks and refreshments too.

Snatch. Clean and jerk. Workout. Two max-effort lifts and a test of GPP make up the 2015 CrossFit Liftoff.


Mobility: Hip mobility

Skill Practice Warm Up: For 8 minutes perform 4 sets, of 5 reps, of either scaled ring dips, muscle up transitions (feet on the floor or box), or muscle ups. For individuals doing muscle ups, if 5 is too many – perform 4 sets, up to 5 reps, with quality form.

Strength: 9×1 Deadlift – 6 of 14 (9 sets of 1 rep, “across,” same weight for each set)

Super Set: 9×1 Weighted Pull-Up


Metabolic Conditioning: “Like a Russian Race Horse”

8 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

200m run

15 ‘heavy’ Russian Kettlebell swings (Performance: 70lb / Athletic: 53lb* / Health: 35lb)

40′ bear crawl

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:  3-5 Rounds.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: New Workout!

Coaching Tips: Push the pace on the runs and the kettlebell swings.  Break the bear crawls up into small fast chunks so you aren’t spending as much time in the ‘loaded’ position of a bear crawl.  Move fast, drop and rest, move fast, drop and rest, etc.

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 25 calorie row, 25 wall ball, 25 calorie row


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