160206 Saturday – Golden State Games this Saturday!

Diablo has 4 Teams (16 Athletes) going to The Golden State Games this Saturday at CrossFit 209 in Stockton. First heat starts at 9:15am. Make sure you google this address – 3400 E 8 Mile Rd, Stockton, CA 95212 – so you get to the new facility they just moved to. Come on out and to cheer them on!

3400 E 8 Mile Rd, Stockton, CA 95212


Mobility: Shoulder (playlist video here)

Skill Practice Warm Up: None

Strength: 7×1 Squat Clean or Pause Clean – 10 of 14 (increase weight from Wednesday – approximately 90% of max, 7 sets of 1 rep, “across,” same weight for each set)

Super Set: 7×3 half kneeling single arm dumbbell/kettlebell shoulder press (7 sets of 1 reps, “across,” same weight for each set). Instructional video here.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Short Changed”

6 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

60’ dumbbell overhead walk – one dumbbell in each hand-  (Performance: 45lbs, Athletic*: 25lbs, Health: 15lbs)

1 dumbbell front squat – one dumbbell in each hand- (same weight)

60’ dumbbell overhead walk (one time)

2 dumbbell front squats

60’ dumbbell overhead walk (one time)

3 dumbbell front squats…

… Continue until the time runs out.

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 40-80 ‘reps’ (each 60’ db OH walk is one rep).

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: September 2, 2015

Coaching Tips: Walking 30’ out, then 30’ back may be easier to fit in large classes. Try to bank up the short rounds early on, then rest during the larger rounds of squats.  Doing large sets of squats then resting before walking is not the best strategy.  It will make you more sore, and be slower overall. Break up the larger sets of squats into smaller sets with shorter rests. Over compensate on the squats for depth on later rounds! Your legs will be telling you that you are ‘below parallel’ but your legs will by lying to you! Keep your abs tight when doing the carries, and if you are someone with a lot of shoulder issues, spend some extra time mobilizing them before this workout!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 10 ring rows, 15 box jumps, 20 sit-ups, 2 rounds

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