160422 Friday – Swole & Flexy


Diablo is excited to partner with RomWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) a program designed to help you as they say, “Get Swole & Flexy”. They produce high quality Daily Mobility videos leading you through 20 (sometimes 40) minutes of poses and stretching to help balance all the lifting and intensity from CrossFit, Barbell Class, or Fit Class. Its a great way to warm up or cool down after class or even do at home on your Apple TV. Its so easy you can even pull it up on you phone and do it in your cubicle. Many of our competitive athletes have been following them for quite some time and are seeing increased flexibility (and peace of mind). Over the next few weeks you will hear more about them as we begin to incorporate their sessions into our Stretch & Flex class in Pleasant Hill. If you would like to follow along at home you can try it for FREE by clicking on one of the links.

RomWOD 14 Day Trial

Mobility: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: Tabata hollow rocks

Strength: 7×1 Front Box Squat 7 of 15 (7 sets of 1 rep, same weight across, approximately 80-85% of max front squat OR work on going deeper than your last session).

Super Set: 7×3 Strict Handstand Push-ups (or progressions), for depth (but stick with the same height for all sets)

Metabolic Conditioning: “Peter and the Wolf

7 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

100m sprint (= 1 “rep)

2 ‘heavy’ kettlebell swings –American- (Performance: 70lbs, Athletic*: 53lbs, Health: 35lbs)

100m sprint (= 1 “rep)

4 ‘heavy’ kettlebell swings

100m sprint (= 1 “rep)

6 ‘heavy’ kettlebell swings

Etc. (until the time runs out, keep doing one sprint, and adding two reps to the kb swings).

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 35-99 reps

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare to: March 24, 2014

Coaching Tips: Go with a heavier weight kettlebell than what you may actually use in a longer metcon. Try to do at least the first few rounds ‘RX’. As the workout goes on and your form starts to degrade, don’t change kettlebell weight! Just scale down to “Russian” height (stopping at eye level) for the later rounds. Sprint hard the first few rounds because the kettlebell swings are so short. As the sets get larger, plan on slowing down the runs so that you get a bit more rest between each set of swings. Maintain strict form on the swings with an upright torso (no tipping over!) and no ‘front raises’ with the shoulders. If you want to ‘two hand kb snatch’ the bell overhead – go for it. Just remember that the faster snatch style tends to pack an intensity wallop as well as blow your grip up.

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 60s burpees, 60s box step ups, 3 rounds

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