140123 Thu – Open Redux 2013 Part 2 is here! (and an epic video of D.Roe from 2009)

diablo crossfit wall sits or floor sitsAre these ‘wall sits’?  When did we paint the walls green?!

Throwback Thursday: Darren Rosten.  Games athlete 2008-2009, Affiliate team competitor 2011-2013.  Attempting a clean and jerk at our original ‘Shed’ location back in 2009.  I believe the weight was 195lbs (and yes, that is Tanya doing hundreds of sit ups in the background).

YouTube Preview Image

Mobility:  Hip and shoulder mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up:  None, more time to talk strategy and get set up for the heats!

Workout:  Open Redux WOD 2!  – 13.5 – As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes.

15 thrusters (Advanced: 100lbs, Intermediate*: 65lbs, Novice: 45lbs)

15 chest to bar pull ups (Intermediate: kipping pull ups, Novice: jumping chest to bar)

If you complete 3 rounds or more (90 total repetitions), keep going until 8 minutes.

If you complete 6 rounds or more (180 total repetitions), keep going until 12 minutes.

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:  2 – 5 rounds.  Scaling down the weight on the thrusters is fine if you feel like you’ll get less than two rounds.  Also, scaling down the pull ups to kipping pull ups or jumping pull ups is fine as well (your just showing up and doing the workout will still help your team)!

Coaching Tips: Getting past the 3 round mark within the first 4 minutes is very challenging.  Pretty much everyone who did this has a 3 minute Fran or less and/or can do very big sets of chest to bar pull ups (as well as the 15 thrusters unbroken).  Pace the first round so that you don’t finish it faster than 1-1.5 minutes.  Try and do bigger sets of thrusters, and short sets and short rests on the pull ups (singles if you have to).


(Just make sure you log this for your team on our special submission form below)


Compare To:  2013 – 04 – 04


To make this a bit more ‘interesting,’ we’d like each team to field a couple of partner teams.  These scores will be used as another ranking for your overall team.  Each team should try and field at least one pair from each category, but there is no limit to how many pairs make an attempt (just remember that putting someone on a team makes you lose their score for the other metrics, ‘top scoring rookies’ for example).

One partner category will be “Pro-Am”: ‘Professional’ + “Amateur”.  A ‘Veteran’ and a ‘Novice’ (Novice is less than 14 months at DCF, a ‘Vet’ is anyone else).  The pairs can be any combination of female/male (M/M, M/F, F/F).  These pairs will be ranked on total reps.

And one partner category will be “Cougars and Cubs”: One person over the age of 35 and one person under the age of 35 (again, any combination of male and female is allowed).  These teams will be ranked on total reps PLUS plus combined age!  So basically you’d want to field a really fit 70 year old and a really fit 34 year old if you have them.

The partner version (for both categories) is as follows:

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes, one person working at a time:

15 thrusters (Advanced: 100lbs, Intermediate*: 65lbs, Novice: 45lbs)

15 chest to bar pull ups* (Intermediate: kipping pull ups, Novice: jumping chest to bar)


We’ll be checking to see who is has signed up for the CrossFit Open and ranking teams based upon who has the most total sign ups AND who has the most ‘rookies’ signed up!

Click here and sign up now (before you come into the gym)!

“Open Redux” Explanation:

Today we’ll be talking about what the CrossFit Open is, and how to approach a workout that is for competition vs our daily training.  Then we are going to break up into heats, and take turns cheering each other on and counting reps.

As usual, don’t worry if you can’t do the workout “as prescribed” or that your score may somehow hurt your team.  It can’t!  The metrics we’ll be using to evaluate the winning teams) will only be positive.  The only way you can “hurt” your team is to not show up or show up and then not log your score.  To give you some hints as to some of the scoring opportunities for the teams: Most participants, most senior masters, most ‘newbies’, etc!

Teams (click on the links to see a hint why they are named what they are named):

Alamo Mastodons

Martinez Beavers

Roosters (PH 5am – 8:30am),

Devil Ducks (PH 9am – 3:30pm),

Black Bears (PH 4pm – Close).

And here are the scores from part one of the 2013 Open Redux.  We’ll be using these scores and the ones from today’s workout to figure out an overall winner!


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One Response to 140123 Thu – Open Redux 2013 Part 2 is here! (and an epic video of D.Roe from 2009)

  1. Eleni says:

    Fun times this am! The gym was packed and tons of PR’s.

    BEST video of all time. DRoe the legend. “Commit to it”

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