140128 Tue – Toes to bar and a Rant on posting to the Whiteboard

diablo crossfit mr james toes to bar blurMr. James doing a pretty stellar job at his toes to bar.  I would recommend that he bend his knees a bit more on the way up (bringing his feet closer to his hips), and that he point his toes (see why in the ‘coaching’ section below).

Mobility:  Shoulder Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up: None.

Workout:  Push Press

5 x 3 (5 sets of 3 reps “across,” the same weight for all sets)

Superset: Perform 3-5 single arm ring rows in between each set of push presses.

Metabolic Conditioning Workout:  “Bittersweet Memories” – As many REPS as possible in 7 minutes.

3, 6, 9, 12… Wall ball (Advanced: 20lb/10ft, Intermediate*: 14lb/9ft, Novice: 10lb/8ft)

5 toes to bar (between every set of wall ball do 5 t2b, no matter what set of wall balls you are on).

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:  70 – 150 “reps”.  Scale up: 30/20lb wall balls respectively.

Coaching Tips: Hustle on the transitions early on.  All that walking back and forth will take up time.  Start breaking up the wall balls into two sets, then evenly divided three sets when they get hard.  Try and do the toes to bar unbroken if possible.  When doing toes to bar, point the toes straight as opposed to keeping the ankle at 90 degrees.  ‘Reaching’ with the toes to the bar (keeping your ankle at 90) puts a lot more tension on your hamstrings, making it even harder to get your legs up!

Test this theory with leg swings.  First with foot dorsiflexed (toes reaching for your knee), then with toes pointed away from you (like a gymnast).  You should notice a huge difference in how high your leg swings (with less effort).

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To:  New Workout!

Article:  5 Whiteboard Mistakes that are Ruining Your CrossFit Experience.

Great points, but she missed one that is a slight problem in our gym:

6. Not logging your score at all.

Some people avoid writing their scores down on a regular basis.  It may be due to some fear of shame, a lack of desire to ‘compete’, or just indifference to counting rounds/reps at all.  There is an inherent problem with not logging scores, and this problem just isn’t affecting your training, it is affecting the entire gym (and CrossFit as a whole).  We need your numbers so we can:

Complete the Feedback Loop.

Our workouts are a combination of experience, science, intuition and a little bit of experimentation.  If we were to just make workouts without paying any heed to people’s results/performances, there is no way we’d be able to improve the program!

Think of it like this, if I was a chef who rarely (if ever) tasted my own food and just served it up without getting feedback, I’d probably start making pretty terrible food.  If I were a musician who never listened to my music as a whole and just layered it up and posted it online for people to download, my music would start to sound pretty terrible.  If I were a teacher who never administered tests and never had my pupils fill out a survey of how I taught, my class would likely become a waste of time.  What is needed for constant improvement is feedback… Data… Results!

Tracking your own results using the daily whiteboard and our online “Beyond The Whiteboard” should be a no brainer.  How do you ensure you are improving?  By writing it down and comparing your numbers versus you previous self. I can list a dozen reasons why you should be keeping track of your workout scores and performances (a good topic for another article), but understand this one concept: By far the single unifying trait that ensures great results and a ‘career’ of progress for our longest and most successful athletes is… logging their performances.

Tracking results for the entire gym is just as important.  If you are one of those people who don’t write their scores down (for whatever reason), let me tell you why it is bad…

  1. 90+ people a day can’t all get ‘last place’!  If an average of 2 people don’t log their scores in each class (because they were so ‘terrible’), then the 3rd to last place person in each class who wrote their score is going to feel like they were in ‘last place’ in addition to the two ‘non-loggers’ who didn’t write their scores.  We have over 30 CrossFit classes a day, so that means that roughly 90 people are going to feel like they got ‘last place’ or scored at the bottom of the bell curve (as opposed to a few people who actually did place near the end of the curve).  I know one of our mantras is ‘check your ego at the door’ but 90 people each day feeling like they ALL got last place is absurd!
  2. Withholding low scores makes it look like the ‘gym’ did better than it really did! When we go back and look at the gym’s scores, if we are missing the bottom 1 or 2 scores it is going to throw off the curve for the whole gym.  What that means is that we are going to see the numbers for a particular workout and say “Hey, it looks like everyone did really well!  We need to make these workouts HARDER!”  Keep the data accurate so that we can get a correct representation of how everyone did as a whole (not just the people who did it “Rx” or who were diligent enough to write it).
  3. We need your numbers to make sure that our program is improving! We have been developing and refining our workouts for more than 7 years.  In order for us to continue making our program better we need to make sure that everyone is developing at the pace that is congruent with their goals and dedication.  Your scores on the whiteboard (and on the computer) directly help us improve the formula!

So please, help us continue to provide better and better workouts by logging your scores on the whiteboard at the gym and online through “Beyond the Whiteboard”.  Not only does logging your numbers help you keep track of your own successes and victories, it also benefits your training partners and our entire community! -jj

Also: Here is short video on how to get yourself set up on Beyond the Whiteboard (without using your credit card).  It only works for current members, it usually takes a day or two for us to verify, and the format of their website has changed a bit… But this method does still work!

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5 Responses to 140128 Tue – Toes to bar and a Rant on posting to the Whiteboard

  1. RX GA says:

    The coveted DFL (Dead F*ckin Last) achievement cannot be properly claimed without posting your score. Take it from me.

  2. Novice logging says:

    Is there any way you could set up Whiteboard so that it can accurately log a Novice Rx workout? It is not properly analyzing my WODs because they are all modified but not until the box below on the logging. Let me explain. Yesterday the WOD included 30 DUs. Novice Rx was 60 singles. On Beyond the Whiteboard, I had to log them as 30 DUs and then in the description box type 60 singles and hit the As Modified button. Thus Beyond the Whiteboard thinks I did 30 DUs without Rx-ing. This destroys my ability to use the program to accurately reflect progress. If I put in 0 DUs, it still does not accurately reflect the 60 Singles. If I Add Movement, it kicks me from being able to compare to the rest of the box. Sorry for the long post, but I thought the info might be helpful.

  3. jeremyjones says:

    You can absolutely set up the workout to accurately reflect what you did!

    When logging the workout, you can click on the movement (“double unders” in your example) and a pop up box will appear. From there you can click on the word “double unders” (which has a little dotted line under it) and then you can search for ‘single unders’!

    You will also be able to change number of reps, weights (if changing a weighted movement) etc.

    Just remember that the “As Prescribed” box is only if you did the “Advanced” movements/weights/reps (or *Women’s Rx if you are a lady). You can also hit that button if you scaled up the workout (and then make the changes and note it in your notes accordingly).


  4. Novice logging says:

    Thanks, Jeremy. I missed the obvious– I wasn’t seeing the dotted line under the word, so I was logging reps but not the right “movement.” Hopefully this will help others as well.

  5. jeremyjones says:

    No worries! It even took me a while to figure that out. Maybe we should do a ‘best practices’ video for BTWB tricks!


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