140220 Thu – Axle Deadlift mania and Luis from 2011

diablo crossfit 2014 inner gym axel dl picsSome of the people who got to do the axle deadlift event at the Inner Gym Throwdown (and yes, the Garcia brothers did get nearly 400lbs off the ground…each!  Their mom Alma didn’t do too bad either – even though she was on a different team)!

Throwback Thursday: Luis doing the CrossFit Open 11.1 (March 2011) workout with JJ coaching (who is sporting a gnarly mustache & goatee combo).

Make Sure you sign up for the Open today! (The first workout will be announced next Thursday)
YouTube Preview Image

Mobility:  Ankle Mobility.

Skill Practice Warm Up:  1 minute on, 1 minute off, for 4 ‘rounds’  – max sets of 10 double unders.  You must stop every 10 reps and restart the next set.  If you are still working linking double unders, just go for max reps in a minute.  If you can’t do a single double under, do sets of 10 single unders.

The goal here is to not only get better at double unders, it is also to get better at starting your sets quickly.  Try to do a double under as the first rep (versus doing one or more singles to get started).

Workout:  “Backward ‘Christine’ Takes Breaks” – 3 rounds for time.

12 deadlifts (Advanced: 225lbs, Intermediate*: 143lbs, Novice: 83lbs)

21 box jumps (Advanced: 24”, Intermediate*: 20”, Novice: 12”) –step ups allowed today-

500m row

1 min rest

Scaling Guide: 10 – 17 minutes.

Bonus Game Changer (for Advanced scaling only)! If you finish under 12 minutes (for men) or 13 minutes (for ladies), rest one minute then perform 1 minute of burpees. Log your time minus one second for each burpee performed.  Log in the notes section your actual time and how many burpees you performed.

*Women’s “As Prescribed” weights and reps (Rx)

Coaching Tips: If the deadlifts are heavy for you, do singles letting the weight drop from the top every time. You can make up time on the box jumps if you go at a steady (manageable) pace.  The rows should be at approximately your 1000m pace.  Hammer the pace on the final row to empty the tank.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To:  2013 – 02 – 26

Article:  Obesity at age 5 shows strong correlation to obesity later in life.


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7 Responses to 140220 Thu – Axle Deadlift mania and Luis from 2011

  1. Emily Beck says:

    look at what she did in highschool——–> http://pagebin.com/snthIHtH

  2. omg Elena Duarte-Ruiz doesn’t this bring back bad memories? I’ll never view axel anything the same way again

  3. EHal says:

    This video puts on GIANT smile on my face! Talk about an A’s fan with heart. Glad to know this guy! Killing it every time I see him at DCF! Way to go, Luis! You have a fan in EHal!

  4. Luis says:

    Thanks Erin. Wow! I used to really suck at double unders. I guess attending goat Mondays really paid off. ;)

  5. I know right Patricia Wang! I’m having flashbacks–PTSD…

  6. Mark DeHulk says:

    God I hate to be the spelling Nazi but it is an AXLE. Axel sang lead vocals for Guns N Roses.

  7. Mark DeHulk says:

    God I hate to be the spelling Nazi but it is an AXLE. Axel sang lead vocals for Guns N Roses.

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