Competition: How To Handle the Open

diablo crossfit craig clean and jerk 1st place cutThe Open is days away and you may be asking yourself: “How should I adjust my training and what should I do to prepare at the 11th hour?”

How you prepare for each Open workout depends on the level of athlete you are and what your goals are.  I’ll break it down by levels of progression through the Games season.

Practically a shoe-in for the Games or at least not worrying about making Regionals in the slightest.

How to handle the Open: Put the workouts in the best place so that they do not upset your training program.  Use these 5 weeks to gain some ground on those who have to train for the Open to even make Regionals (and those who need to repeat workouts for ego purposes).  Generally it is

Alessandra Pichelli on the Ropes

best to do the workout early on and avoid looking at the leaderboard before or after.  Going into the workout ‘blind’ will give you a better idea how you will stack up at a competition like Regionals where you may have no idea what the top scores are going to be ahead of time.

Making Regionals isn’t a huge concern, but it isn’t a sure thing either.

How to handle the Open: Taking a single rest day the day before you are scheduled to do the Open is probably a good idea but not required.  Get it done on Thursday or Friday (in the off chance that you need to repeat).  Do your

diablo crossfit reposado men muscle up women ohs at regionals

best to “one-time” it (doing it only once), so that you can get back to working on the most important stuff that will prepare you for Regionals.  Try to stick to your regular program as much as possible with a bit more attention to safety.  A small tweak or setback is not a big deal most of the year, but during the Open, it may cost you an important workout.

Amateur/Masters trying to make the Games:

Hoping to be on a team at Regionals or at least score in the top 30% of their Region

How to handle the Open: Resting before every Open workout is very important.  Use the ‘off’ day for extra mobility and practicing the movements to clean up technique (if needed). Try to do at least one attempt early on so that you can have the option to do it a second time if you made a major mistake.  Use the early leadboard scores to get an idea of what type of score you should be aiming for.  Watch others do the workout to see what the best pacing strategies are.  Create a plan going into the workout and

james arm in the air

have a ‘pacer’ (someone other than the judge) help you stick to your plan.  Be sure have plan nutrition-wise (good food the night before, and eat the right time before the workout).  Schedule a good amount of sleep at minimum the day before.

Be sure to review our “Mental and Game Day Routine” article and resources! (Members only, learn how to get access here)

Novice Competitor:
Someone looking for competition experience and to have fun, but not a lot of stress.

How to handle the Open: Embrace the challenge and know that it will make you a better athlete (and person) for it!  Don’t sweat the workouts or the ‘prep’ too much if it bothers you.  If you want to experiment with some of the preparations, take a look at the Amateur category recommendations and incorporate some of them into your routine.  Take notes so that you know what works and what doesn’t work.  Most importantly, have fun!  Cheer your friends on.  Embrace the butterflies in your stomach as ‘paleo performance enhancers’ and see what your body can do.  Get comfortable with being judged. Celebrate the small victories and don’t put high expectations on your performances.

You don’t fall into any of these categories.

Just remember this one quote: “Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.” – Miyamoto Musashi


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One Response to Competition: How To Handle the Open

  1. Michael Whelan says:

    I want to intelligently enhance my training during the next 4 weeks of the Open, with the goal in mind of peak performance during the four days of the Master’s Qualifier workouts. Given my 93 position last year in 60+ and my stronger start this year, I should make the top 200 for the Qualifier workouts.

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