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Do you ever wonder how we set up these crazy exercise routines? Well, we do follow a template put together years ago by Greg and Lauren Glassman. Contained within that template is the idea of ‘constant randomization.’ You don’t know what life is going to hand you so mixing up your exercises and workouts is better training for life. Furthermore, CrossFitters tend to avoid the plateaus that people training in other regimens tend to run into.

So, the answer is: We do whatever we want. The critical rule to follow: include functional movements properly executed. There are plenty of movements that will make you breath hard but won’t really help you improve in fundamental athletic performance and can even injure you.

Thursday nights routine was a 5 station circuit. Rowing, Back Extensions, Knees-to-Elbows, Box Jumps, and Thrusters. The trainees did max reps at each station except for the rower where the goal was 27 calories. When our rowing star got to 27 calories (as fast as possible), everybody rotates to the next station in the circle. 2 rounds for time please.

In attendance were Deanna, Tony, Carrie, Matt and Luca. Time was 20 minutes 54 seconds. I’m very proud of the class. This was tough one.

So why 27? Remember that we can do whatever we want? Our youngest class member last night is 27 years old. I ain’t telling who.

For further reading look up the Second Fitness Standard here:


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  • CraigH

    Saw this on the board this morning..

    1st thought: “what the hell did he choose 27 for??”

    2nd thought: 27 cals ..if he rotated, that was a brutal wod.

    Finally, I lectured a prospect yesterday and my class this morning on just this subject: “constantly varied movements.”

    Great post and nice work guys!