Mo’ started CrossFitting at the end of December 2007, already the strongest in the gym he bumped his CFT up to 984 only 16lb to his 2008 goal of 1000, along with achieving one of his goal 3 muscle ups, for the other will see soon,

Filthy Fifty under 30min

My favorite exercise would have to be all of the olympic lifts, especially deadlifts!!!

My least favorite exercise would have to be man makers, they just kick my ass!

“I love Crossfitting it is the best thing next to training MMA, I love the competition and the work ethic everyone puts forth on a daily basis.”

Mo’ your work ethic is and example to all of us, working out with you.

Lose your Breakfast with Luca:

3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1: Front squat

3 rounds for time of:

500 m row

30 sit-ups

2 15-ft rope climb

Post time, comments and weight




Not a bad ideabutter tax

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  • Mike Erickson

    DCF: attracts the hard core, makes beasts…cool.

    After reading Moises bio I thought it was a good time to review the Dec “benchmarks” and check my progress:

    Weight down to 157 from 162: half way to my goal.
    CFT up to 635: 15 lbs from my 2008 goal.

    500 m row still at 1:47 but haven’t been pursuing it yet, waiting for my right arm to heal up.

    Murph: haven’t tried it this year, but did my first Cindy and got 14 rounds (during the ~10 days my arm was feeling better).

    5K: Improved about a half minute to 29:18. Long way to go to <27 but my knee is feeling pretty good these days. Sunday is run day.

    Ring dips: Still at 10 but depth is much better and I feel more confident with them.

    Pull-ups: Got 20 while my arm felt pretty good. Five more to my 2008 goal.

    L-sit: Only added a couple of seconds, I’m at 37-38 seconds, still a long way from 60 seconds.

    OHS: Managed 11 with 75 lbs, up from 3. Moving up the weight is proving to be more difficult that I thought. My legs are fine with it, form in the shoulders is the problem. Saturday at the shed with Craig is the cure. “Get those shoulders up around your ears!”. Thanks for the help on Sat Craig, I wish I hadn’t been so trashed from Jorgy’s “mile o’ burpees”. I enjoyed the C&J training as well. Oly lifts are VERY hard. I over think and get spastic. I’m sure I look like a total dork.

    Jumping rope is getting better and I’m really enjoying it. Got 4 double-unders in a row Saturday!

    Generally I’m feeling better, recovery times are MUCH better, when my right arm gets better and I can do pull-ups all will be right with the world. I LOVE pull-ups!

    I love coming down to the shed with all of the motivated and very nice people that come here. I like the videos of the workouts especially, I send them off and enjoy the remarks I get back.

  • Carry

    Tried front squats for the first time this morning with Luca. (I’ve done it before with the ‘Bear’) but this was the first time actually testing my limits. I think it was 95lbs? Something to work on for sure. Thanks for your help Luca.

  • Rodil

    Does anyone have any advice on how to avoid bruising the collarbone when doing front squats or cleans? I always seem to do this with these exercises. I’m working on my wrist flexibility, so maybe I’m racking the bar the wrong way?

  • Carry

    I actually think (could be wrong, I’m certainly not the expert) but I think the bruises on your collarbone mean you are doing it right. I got the bruises as well when I first did them.

  • J Jones

    Shrugging your shoulders up so that the bar rests on your deltoids can help keep pressure off of the clavicle.

    Also, doing front squats more often will ‘toughen’ the area up and it won’t bruise as easily.

    Butter tax –

    While I think that “Sin Taxes” can be a good way to generate money for the government (especially when the government is responsible for taking care of the people who get sick from using said “sins”). I also think it is difficult to choose what is truly a “sin”. Gambling, sure. Smoking, of course. Drinking alcohol, I’ll buy that. Butter. . . that is still up for debate. Other than the fact that it is calorlicly dense, butter isn’t necessarily been proven to be that bad for you.

    I would MUCH rather see a tax on corn syrup, and other refined sugar/sugar substitutes.

    Even better would be a tax break for those people able to meet certain health and fitness standards.


  • Luca Z.

    I like the tax break idea J.J., Rodil as JJ said the bar should be resting on the shoulders more so than on the clavicle, but the front squat is a bitch, on the wrists too, a must though, if you want to better your clean

  • sakura


    i tried using a gym towel but that felt odd and got in the way. maybe you could try it. otherwise, you can just sport ’em. they kinda look like hickies though, huh? i’m glad mine from last week went away or i’d have matching bruises on my clavicle and legs from yesterday’s DLs.

  • Luca Z.

    And yes Carry your one rep max for front squat is 95lb.

  • Rodil

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. I’ll try get my elbows higher for these lifts so the bar sits more on my shoulders.