Since 2005, DIABLO has focused on our concise mission: “make our clients fit beyond expectation.” The result is an amazing gym with beautiful facilities, programs for beginners and experts, talented Coaches and a fun, welcoming community of members.

At DIABLO, we thrive on the amazing physical transformations of our every-day members who come to us to lose weight, get strong, train for an event, or simply improve their health, including first-time exercisers, weekend warriors, grandparents, stay-at-home parents, and students. And, we celebrate and learn from the incredible achievements of the many competitive athletes who also train with us.


2 LOCATIONS to save you time: Pleasant Hill & San Jose.

OPEN GYM ALL DAY!  Access is crucial to maintaining any fitness program! Diablo’s  facilities are open 7 days a week from early morning to late evening most days. Combined, we have more classes on our schedule than any other CrossFit in California.

TONS OF CLASSES! Variety and quantity of classes are the key to keeping fitness interesting and fun. Diablo offers more than 150 classes a week beginning at 5:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm during the week. All 3 locations are open on Saturdays & Sundays as well.


Fitness equals wellness. If you are injured, excessively sore or overly tired as a result of your exercise regime, then you are not “fit.”

The design of the Daily Workout is the MOST important difference between CrossFit boxes. CrossFit works, fast. But, more CrossFit does not equal better CrossFit. Excessive repetitive movements, improper scaling, or complex exercises under fatigue can leave people sore and possibly injured.

Diablo has been programming & tracking CrossFit workouts for clients since 2005. We have collected tens of thousands of results from members. Those results, along with ongoing client & Coach feedback has helped Diablo create incredibly effective workout programming for ALL of our clients, including our beginning members, our masters, our teens and top athletes.

Our Head Coach and his support team create the daily workouts for Diablo members and our competitive athletes. There are also many affiliates and individuals outside of the area that follow our Daily Workout and have for years. Our programming includes strength training which helps build a solid foundation for conditioning workouts (and daily life activities!). We also include accessory and flexibility exercises to improve our members’ mobility and athletic skills. Finally, every session ends with intense and fun conditioning workouts that build stamina and endurance.

The quality of our workout programming is measured by the amazing results of our members. We encourage you to come in and talk to them – they enjoy sharing their success.


Here, our coaches practice what they preach. Every single coach on our staff, including the owners, were doing CrossFit on their own before becoming a coach with Diablo. Our coaches know what the customer experience is like because they were all clients. They are passionate about fitness, nutrition and the CrossFit methodology. They constantly devour information, videos, books, and blogs on everything related to fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They pursue new Certifications every year. They compete regularly in CrossFit competitions, triathlons, 10ks, marathons, and more. Learn more about our coaches on our Team page.


Diablo offers more than 100 classes per week, far more than most other gyms. Our classes compliment you (and your family’s) CrossFit routine: Olympic Lifting, Conditioning, Mobility, Accessory, and Core. We also have a weekly invitation only Competitive class for those looking to compete at Regionals and the CrossFit Games. For experienced CrossFitters, we also offer open gym, all days in most of our locations.


CrossFit is known for its supportive, welcoming and generous community. Attend any CrossFit event or visit a CrossFit affiliate anywhere in the world and you’ll find like-minded people eager to welcome you to CrossFit and share their experiences. Likewise, at Diablo, our community is incredibly welcoming and supportive – always willing to offer advice, coaching and encouragement. The Diablo community has become legendary at CrossFit events, dominating the crowds with chants of support for Diablo athletes.


Diablo CrossFit is a family owned business founded in 2005 and the 47th CrossFit Affiliate in the world – out of 14,000+! Owners Craig and Yvonne Howard have been married 26 years and are passionate about family, fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They are deeply involved in the business and maintain competitive-level fitness – both have competed in the CrossFit Games two times as Masters Athletes, including a 1st place finish for Craig in 2013 (M50-54).

Diablo began in a backyard in 2005.  In 2006, Founders Craig Howard & Jeremy Jones moved things indoors: a small mechanic’s shed in Walnut Creek.  They put out a “Karma Jar” so that workout friends could help cover expenses. As word of mouth spread, Diablo grew, fast.

In 2009, Diablo CrossFit moved to a 4000 sq.f. warehouse in Pleasant Hill. After two short years (and lots of negotiations with the City of Pleasant Hill), Diablo expanded to 12,000 square feet adding showers and more room to CrossFit.

In 2011, Diablo Fitness Engineering was launched: a functional fitness equipment & apparel business adding 4000 square feet. Diablo Fitness Engineering has evolved into a Pro Shop for Diablo’s members, visitors, and local CrossFitters, featuring nutritional supplements, pre-packaged Paleo meals, shoes, apparel and gear for active athletes.

In 2014, Diablo added our 2nd location in Alamo, servicing South Walnut Creek, Alamo and Danville members. Diablo CrossFit – Alamo is a beautiful 3500 sq.ft facility located in the Alamo Shopping Plaza. Members commuting South or North along 680 can break up their commute with morning or evening classes in Alamo.

In 2016, the Howard’s purchased the Jones Family’s share of Diablo and became full owners. Family, CrossFit, Fitness and Nutrition are their passion. Helping others with fitness & nutrition is their purpose. And their mission remains, “Fitness Beyond Expectation.”

In 2017 Moxie CrossFit in San Jose joined the Diablo family. They have been around as long as Diablo so it seemed a perfect fit.

In 2018 the small but might Alamo location closed after 5 great years #RememberTheAlamo. Despite not having a valet many of our Alamo friends have assimilated into our Pleasant Hill location.