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This Saturday May 24th at 10:00 am is the


Hosted by our brethren at CrossFit Oakland

Words from the hosts: “For the Throwdown this Saturday, we’ll be doing a live drawing and creating the workout on the spot. It will involve a gymnastics move, a weightlifting move, and a run of a length to be determined. Oh, and we’ll draw the number of rounds and reps, too!

Also, we’ll be having a beer-and-barbecue celebration afterwards as well, so even if you don’t wanna take part in the Throwdown, come by for some good food and drink. We’re asking that everyone contribute $5 to the pot to cover food and alcohol expenses.”

Post to comments if you plan on competing, or even if you’d like to attend just to watch and meet some people from other affiliates!


Monday May 26th:


Memorial Day at The Shed, Time: 11:00am (unless voted otherwise).

Details here at CrossFit Orange County

From their site:

CrossFit Affiliates, Fire, Police, and Military around the globe will come together to remember the fallen, and to support our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, neighbors, and friends who are in harms way each and every day.

Four member teams will come together for the Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Challenge to participate in a team CrossFit style workout and donate (each team entry fee pays for one cooling vest for folks on the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan). This workout fundraiser is to support all heroes in our military. The event will be held at a CrossFit affiliate site near you. (Ask your nearest affiliate for more info).

The Donation to participate is $200 per team of four (so, $50 each).

The workout named “Trevor” is:

300 Pull-ups then,

400 Push-ups then,

500 Sit-ups then,

600 Squats

This is a timed team event, so these are accumulative reps. Only two members of the team can be exercising at a time.

Watch the Video here for the “Trevor Workout Demo” executed by the CrossFit Santa Cruz Trainers

CLICK HERE to watch the KABC Channel 7 News story for the 2008 Trevor Challenge at OCFA in Irvine

Please confirm participation in the comments section so we know how many people are willing spill their sweat for those who spill their blood for us. Checks must be made payable to the Trevor Win E Memorial.

(NOTE: The Shed’s regularly scheduled classes will be different on Monday due to the Holiday. Please check our Google Calendar ).


July 5-6, Aromas, Ca


The Games are fast approaching and for those of you who are thinking of signing up and have been delaying. . . NOW IS THE TIME!!!

I have it from a good source that they are going to close registration to to the sheer number of competitors (CrossFit Oakland).

To help spur the those of you that are lagging, consider this. . .


Yes, basically that means that if you register by June 13th, you can go to the shed for the entire month just for entering in the games (for those of you too lazy to look at the registration link on the right, the games cost $75 to enter – so basically you get to train as well as enter the games for less than our normal monthly cost).


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  • J Jones

    If I read right, Stav and Carry are out for this weekend.

    Alright, that means the rest of you are going to have to step up. . .


  • Stavros

    Crossfit Games:

    “The following individual(s) are registered for the event:
    Stavros Kalogirou; Competitor- Diablo Crossfit/Santa Rosa FD”

    Who else has paid and is in? Whats the overnight plans?

  • Stavros

    By the way, should we contact the local media about DCF doing the Trevor Win E Memorial? Sounds like a good, news-worthy story to me. Plus good press for The Shed…any thoughts? Does anyone have any contacts in the media? Let’s go big!

  • Carry

    I registered last week…don’t have overnight plans yet. I think my family and a few friends want to come….I suppose I should sign them up as spectators?

  • Rodil

    I’m signed up for the CrossFit Games as a spectator. I’ll be there Saturday but not sure about Sunday yet.

    I’m going to the CrossFit Oakland event on Saturday to watch the events. If anyone wants to carpool from the Shed, let me know.

    Are any DCF t-shirts at the Shed? I’d like to buy one for Saturday if I can.

  • Craig

    Darren and Rodil (Large only) t-shirts will be at the Shed on the shelf. Leave $20 in the Karma jar.

  • sakura


    how many large shirts do you have? dap wears a large so i could drop by for one.

  • Darren

    I am going to the Oakland throwdown for sure. So sounds like Darren, Craig, Rodil, JJ, anyone else in?

    Rick and Jorgy we need you guys to help represent

    The evening classes need to represent. Nickla? Eric? Chris? Mark? Moses?

  • Stavros

    1600 Workout-

    For time:
    Row 1000 meters
    25 Burpees
    Row 750 meters
    50 Burpees
    Row 500 meters
    75 Burpees

    Craig- 32:45
    Stavros- 23:05

  • Craig

    Makin’ my way back the hard way. The burpees were frikkin brutal. Thanks for the push Stav.

    Sakura – all out of Large T-Shirts.

    Stay tuned.

  • Craig

    Update your Logsitall times, weights, rounds, etc.

    Notice the “Records” link on the left side of this page!

  • Mark L.

    Maybe I’m a huge dummy, but are our DCF Saturday classes cancelled due to the “BAY AREA AFFILIATE THROWDOWN!!!!” (?)

  • nikala

    Im interested in coming on Sat, but not certain. I feel a little behind on my fitness, but I will see how the weekend looks…sounds fun!

  • Craig

    Nikala, you see the site yet?

  • sakura

    Thanks for the heads up on the shirts. Will try to make the 1600 class today.

  • J Jones


    Just go and compete. We all know you have spent some time specializing for your Tri stuff. Worst case scenario is that you get a good workout in!


  • Mike Erickson

    I did a modified/scaled version of the rowing/burpee workout.
    4 min airdyne for calories
    10 burpees
    3 min airdyne
    20 burpees
    2 min airdyne
    30 burpees

    Total time was 22 min 30 seconds. 117 total calories on the airdyne.

    Laid on the floor for at least ten minutes. That was one of the top ten workouts I’ve done at home. The cat thought I was dead, kept circling and sniffing my body. My eyesockets filled with sweat. Loved it. The unscaled version would take me over an hour.

  • J Jones

    Sorry Darren, but I won’t be making it (Got my other coaching engagement that I can’t get out of).

    I plan on making it on Monday though!