Diablo does great at Lalanne!

Diablo well represented at the Lalanne Throwdown on Saturday! Here are some of the athletes and judges who made the trek to San Fran.  Thanks! (And, yes – I punked my own photo. –jj)  Not shown: Jon Ward (judging), Dave D (taking the picture), and others I am sure!

Coach Ben got third overall and Zup got 5th for the scaled!

(As an aside – Alex Rollin who won first place got his start at Diablo years ago.   We still claim him as a DCFer even though it has been 3 years or so since he coached for us.  That being said, Ben beat or tied him on 4 of the 5 workouts and still got third due to the points system.  Alex is a beast!)

Mobility:   Shoulder mobs.

Skill Practice Warm Up:  Hollow rocks.  3 max effort sets, 1 minute or less.

Workout:  Push Press

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Metabolic Conditioning Workout:   “Carjacked” – For time.

12 strict presses (Advanced: 95lbs, Intermediate*: 53lbs, Novice: 33lbs)

400m run

12 push presses (same as above)

200m run

12 push jerks (same as above)

100m run *Women's Rx

Scaling Guide:  4 – 6 minutes. Scale up the weight to 115lb/73lb if you think you’ll be in the 4 min or less range.

Log your results online by clicking here.

Compare To:  2012 – 02 – 17

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  • Sara Lovesbacon

    Best. Infographic. Ever.

  • Mike H

    International bacon day is 6 days away!? I better get prepared! Thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous British Guy

    I’m sorry, but you’ve not had bacon until you’ve had British bacon. The thin strip of pig fat with flecks of meat in it that you Americans call bacon is a sorry substitute. you can get British brand back bacon at Fresh and Easy (when I’ve not cleared them out). I realize I may upset some people with this comment, and in fact my life may now be in danger, but if one or two people convert to ‘real’ bacon, the net effect to human happiness will be positive!

  • Jamie J

    I think I will start celebrating this International Holiday early!

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    I don’t know Brit. I don’t think I’ve had British Bacon, but it looks like it has a lot more muscle than fat. . . it looks more like smoked ham than bacon. What makes it so special?