Friday August 5th 2016 – The Shed

Breaking down August & Septembers Strength Focus

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Mobility: Ankle (Roll out Calves & Peroneus)

Stability Warm/ Skill: 2 Rounds not for time of

  • 5 Kettlebell Windmills (Low, high and both)
  • Ring Push Ups

Workout: “The Shed” For Time

  • Rope Climbs (Rope Laydowns/ 2 Rope Climbs/ 3 Rope Climbs)
  • Row 600m
  • 30 Overhead Squats (45/65/95) 
  • 600m Run
  • 30′ right arm, 30′ left arm dumbbell overhead walking lunge  (15/25/45)
  • 16 Handstand Push Ups 
  • 30 Box Jumps *Step down advised (12/20/24)
  • 60 Kettlebell swings (18/26/35)

Scaling Guide: 25 minute cutoff. It would be wise to scale it so that you plan on finishing around 18-22 minutes.

Coaching Tips: Don’t go too hard on the row if those overhead squats look daunting. Go ahead and run hard since the lunges are not too technical (and you will catch your wind on the lunges and HSPU). Be careful with the kettlebell swings – 60 is no joke! Break them up into smaller sets, and be sure to keep that chest up!

Compare to: March 1st, 2016

Competition Programming: 1000m Row, 75/115 OHS, Strict HSPU, 50 Box Jumps, 35/53 KB Swings.

Diablo F!T: 3 Rounds of an Alternating E2MOM of


  • Row 200-300
  • Rope Lay Down (Climb)


  • Run 200m
  • 10-15 Box Jumps


  • 10-20 Push ups
  • 10-20 KB Swings

RomWOD & Skills: Sit Up > GHD Sit Up > Toes 2 Bar > Strict Toes 2 Bar

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