Friday – December 18, 2009


Jasmine rowing, Meg provides moral support and is next in line (on the rower and about two months or so behind in pregnancy!)


4 rounds for time.

20 Pull ups*

10 Front squats (men: 155, women: 105) from the floor – no rack

Sprint 200m

*Scale up to ‘chest to bar’ if you are feeling frisky.

Record total time.

Jasmine and Stavros’ party is tonight! Post to comments what you plan on wearing

Didn’t get the invitation? Post to comments to see if there still room. The party is open to all DCFers past, present and related!

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  • Mark L.

    Last night was definitely humbling for many. Jeremy wasn’t kidding when he wrote “Ego Killer Squats” on the board. Sometimes, it’s about taking weight OFF, so they can be done correctly. Also, many were still sore from DT.
    Meg (pictured above) did fantastic, although it may have had something to do with the counterbalancing done by her child.
    Tom struggled with weight, but once we stripped the bar, he worked his way into a full deep OHS with shoulders really pushed up to the limit!
    Dan struggled with the discipline of the shoulders at first, and he finally mastered it.
    Great squats from both Angela and Jessica, and Derek did great, too.
    The mini was definitely challenged people. Dan actually rushed to do his burpies when he heard me call the 30 seconds left. That’s what’s metcons are all about. Great night.

  • Miles

    Mark, you forgot about Jarred’s double gold star performance, inspiring!

  • Craig

    Good crowd this morning for a very tough wod. No-band Nancy did all 80 pull ups with some scars to prove it. Paige grinded it out – impressive buddy. Cabby the first to finish and admitted how hard it was. Tim & Hector close behind. Debbie and Juannel used bands – but did all 80!

    Cabby – get your sleep and, no metcons on strength days! That’ll get your strength up.

    Nice to have Bryan W back in the mix – glad the family is getting over the sickness!

  • Sarah A.

    Great picture! You ladies are so awesome to watch workout-strong & beautiful!
    Can’t wait for tonight-See you all there! What I’m wearing is a SURPRISE!!!!!

  • carry

    Are we supposed to wear something special? Did I miss something? I have NO game when it comes to getting dressed up. Why you gotta stress me out?

  • Mark L.

    Thanks, Miles. I gave out stars on the board for people that yelled “WHOOP!” at the top of their burpies. Double stars for people that also WHOOP-ed at the top of their ring dips. Jarred killed the WHOOP on both exercises (double stars!)

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Great WOD today! JJ, the rep scheme was perfect, and taking the 155# from the ground changed everything. Pull ups were all in sets of 10, Front Squats unbroken on first 2 sets, last 2 were sets of 5. Runs were ~45-50sec/200m.

    9:52 as RX’d

    Regarding the Christmas Party!!!

    Please carpool if you can! Park at the gym, or meet at someones house…saves gas, no risk while driving, and our neighbors will still love us for not taking over the street! BTW, no official dress code, come as you are.

  • Jeremy Jones - Diablo CrossFit

    I plan on wearing underwear, just so everyone knows, as well as clothes on top of that.

    Carry – don’t worry about the post, I was just seeing if anyone was paying attention.

    I was shocked that nobody commented yesterday about the olympic lifter who gave birth during a training session (and didn’t even know she was pregnant!).


  • Size 8 Chuck Taylors

    Dear Previous wearer-
    This afternoon I lent myself to a nice young chap who needed shoes to protect himself from the savage world that is the DCF parking lot. During today’s WOD, this devestatingly handsome fellow pushed hard and came up just short of his goal of 15:00. I can only hope he chooses me the next time he needs assistance in protecting his feet. Adam if you’re out there – I got your back cracker jack….

    Abandoned size 8 Chuck Taylor All Stars


    This WOD was suck a brutal suckfest…a beautiful blend of ouch…Davida, Vicki and Meg R…9am was such a beautiful example of beauties lifting heavy weights! Awesome job, chicks!

    10a- Hylie rocked 85# WOD today, Matt M. 115#, Chris D 95#, and Lauren 17:21 @ 55#.. Great work!

    2p class-A class of badasses… Carry RX, Dean-2nd WOD, Adam-shoes were too small, Robert-amazing F squats, Michele- Rocked a PR’d 55# F squat9wiped that YEG off the board), Cody- Has a smokin’ F squat! Jared is…..Im just keepin my mouth shut…He knows..hahahahahah!!

  • Craig

    That picture is awesome, by the way!