Friday July 29th 2016

2016 CrossFit Games Team Beach Event

Mobility: Ankle Mobility

Skill: Ring Support Hold/ Ring Dip/ Muscle up

  • Start by warming up the Ring Support position paired with the Bottom of the Dip.  Hold each for a set of 5-10 Seconds
  • Complete 3-5 Ring Dips
  • Practice Working on the Muscle up Transition. Or accumulate 5-10 Muscle ups.

*Warm up with the progressions.  If you can’t complete the max on each progression stay there for a couple sets.

Workout: 4 Rounds for time

  • 200m Run
  • 10 Pistols (Scale Box Pistol, either Step ups or a Pistol on a box)
  • 5 Push Up Renegade Rows (Chest goes to the ground, then Pull with right arm then left arm for 1 rep) (20/30/45)
  • 30 Double Unders
  • Rest 30 seconds

Diablo F!t: 10 Minute EMOM of

  • 2 Burpee (C2B or Bar muscle up)
  • 4 Push Press (35+/55+)
  • 8 Renegade Rows (No Push up)

*If you can not complete the required reps in the minute, complete a 30 Second Plank hold on the next minute as a penalty.  Continue the Triplet at the start of the next minute.

-Rest 1 Minute then-

5 Rounds of E2MOM of:

200m Run then Max Strict HSPU until 2 Minutes is up, then start the next run.

*To modify the Strict HSPU, use 2 Challenging weighted KB for a Strict Press. Be sure to use full rang of motion.  Rep starts with hands start under the chin and ends in a ‘controlled’ lock out overhead)

RomWOD & Skills: Double Unders

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