Friday June 24th 2016 – Anejo Game Night

Anejo Game Night Diablo CrossFit Anejo Post Practice

Please join us Friday July 8th starting at 7:00pm for the second annual Anejo Game Night! (Last class is at 5:00pm) This fun filled night of entertainment and eating is a fundraiser to help our team get to Carson! There will be dinner and drinks for everyone so come hungry. We will have a designated and supervised kids area so you can enjoy your self whether you are playing poker, singing karaoke, or playing corn hole Cider in hand.

As the CrossFit Games have grown in size and popularity, costs have risen dramatically. Athletes have to arrive sooner and stay longer in Los Angeles. Diablo has always provided a daily stipend to all of our athletes to offset the largest expenses, but there is still a shortage. This Fundraiser will assist all the team members with any expenses they will acquire during their trip down to Carson. Bring your competitive self for some games, drinking, and camaraderie.

When: Friday July 8th 7:00pm – 10:00pm

What Games: Poker, Corn Hole, Karaoke

Poker is a $20 buy in. There will be a competitors table(s) and beginners table(s) so all levels welcome!

Entry Fee: $10 for adults, includes 1 drink ticket. $5 for kids -we will have a supervised kids area with a jump house and projector screen for a movie. Tickets will be sold at the door.

Food & Drinks: El Molino Tacos, Adult Beverages (Cider, Beer, Fireball?), & La Croix

Mobility: Lats (Foam Roll & Banded Contract & Relax Stretching)

Gymnastic Skill: HSPU Progression. Try and get 3-4 sets of 1 – 5 Strict HSPU or the variation you are working on.  *Do not go to failure.

  • Hollow Body Holds
  • Push up into Down Dog position (Dive bomber Push ups)
  • Wall Walk (Only going as high while staying organized in the midline)
  • Strict HSPU Practice (Use an abmat if you need assistance) *Focus on keeping a strict position.  


  • 3 Minute Max Distance Row
  • 1 Minute Rest
  • 2 Minute Max Distance Row
  • 1 Minute Rest,
  • 1 Minute Max Distance Row
  • 1 Minute Rest

-Then For time:

  • 100 Double unders (100 Single Unders with a Double Under attempt at every 5-10 reps)
  • 50 KB Swings (26/35/53)
  • 40 Toes to Bar (Sit ups)  *If you can do Toes to Bar, but not at this volume, do 20 T2B and 20 Sit ups
  • 30 Burpees

Coaching Tips: The rowing part of the workout will take 8 minutes. At minute 9 you will start the chipper. If your double unders are a weakness cut the reps in half to 50 and if you don’t have them yet do single unders with a double under attempt every 5 to 10 reps. If you cannot link 5 or more toes to bars together on a good day start with 20 and then finish off with 20 sit ups to keep the intensity up. Go hard on the 30 burpees since the workout is almost over.

Scaling Guide: Keep track of your meters for each row. At minute 9 the chipper will start. It should take you 5 – 9 minutes, with a 10 minute cut off.

Competition Programming: KB Swings (53/70)

Diablo Fit: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, complete the following within the minute:

  • 15-25 Double unders (Pick a rep count and stick to it)
  • 10 Sit ups
  • 2-5 Burpees (Pick a rep count and stick with it)

*If you don’t complete your reps in the Minute, Hold a 30 second plank hold as a penalty until the next minute starts over.  

Then at Minute 11

  • Complete 250 – 400m Row every 2 Minutes for 5 rounds.  

The time you finish to the time you start will be your rest.  *Try to keep the splits consistent across the board.

RomWOD & Skills: This week’s skill is Handstands!

  • Plank
  • Handstand Wall Hold
  • Freestanding Handstand
  • Handstand Walking

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