New to Diablo CrossFit

STEP 1: Come Check Us Out!

We know you are excited to get started right away but first we want to show you around our facility and answer any question you may have. Set up a time to come visit us and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you out.

Just set up a “No Sweat Intro” below!

No Sweat Intro

STEP 2: Choose Your Membership

Once you have taken a tour our staff can help you pick out a membership. If you’re new to CrossFit, all of our Start Up! Memberships include SIX Private Coaching Sessions with an experienced and certified CrossFit Coach. In your six sessions you’ll learn about all of the movements, lifts and exercises that you’ll find in a CrossFit class. You’ll learn what weights to use and how to make the movements work for your abilities. You’ll also learn about nutrition, mobility, flexibility and how to use our online performance tracking app!

And while you’re finishing your 6 Private Intro Sessions, you can come to our Yoga and Diablo F!t classes.

If you already have CrossFit Experience and our Coach says you’re ready to jump into classes, then check out our “Experienced” memberships.

STEP 3: Finish your 6 Introductory Private Coaching Sessions!

As soon as you buy your Start Up! Membership, our staff will help coordinate your Private Sessions making sure they fit your schedule. Get these done! We want to see you in class as soon as possible.