July Shootfighitng Match

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This July I had my second “official” amateur Shootfighting match in Detroit. Now I know what most of you are thinking. . . Detroit!? Isn’t that kind of far from California? Yes, it is. Quality Mixed Martial Art (MMA) venues are hard to come by, and I knew that this one would be worth competing in. Around 300 people were in attendance, which filled the room to standing capacity. And the quality of the competitors was excellent.

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Without going into too much detail I will give the gist of the rules for an Amateur Shootfighting match; 1 round, 15 minutes continuous, full contact kickboxing, and submission grappling. Amateurs are not allowed striking to the groin or head (Fight Commission Rules), and no striking on the ground. Knees are allowed, but no elbows. Winner is determined by tap submission, by knockout, or by decision. Ref can stand fighters up if they are not working on the ground.

In the pictures, I am the tall guy (with hair).

*UPDATE MAY 2008** Our friends the Tracy’s Karate Studios (in Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, and Davis California) will be hosting the first Shootfighting Summit on the west coast (second Shootfighting Summit ever actually). You can read my review of the first Shootfighting Summit here.

The Summit will include all the top Shoofighting coaches from around the world (Yoshiaki Fujiwara aka the ‘Godfather’ of MMA, Bart Vale, Yuki Ishikawa, Marcus Marinelli, Keith Curts, John Busto, Barry Polonitza, Robert Yard, and Mike Dancull to name a few). All parts of mixed martial arts (mma) will be covered in addition to kickboxing, submissions, and most importantly how to blend the two together to forge a fluid, supreme, complete fighter (not just one who has been pieced together from different parts that don’t necessarily fit together).

I am looking forward to this momentous event, and so should you! Reserve your spots right away space is limited. Info on the TracysKarateStudios.com events page. -jj**

See the extended entry for more details.

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  • Steve

    Great analysis of your fight. I always check out the new affiliates’ sites from CF and yours looks great.
    Just a quick comment on your thoughts about sprawling from a fat old man who used to be a college wrestler and martial artist: You can view your sprawl as an excellent opportunity to punish your opponent, rather than just as a way to not get taken down. Here’s the trick, don’t just put your legs back – balance yourself by thrusting your groin into the back of your opponent’s neck. Constant pressure on the tip of his head. If you can grab around his waist and pull up while your hips/groin are pushing down,even better. You will seriously interfere with his ability breath, and he will use up a lot of energy trying to get out from under you.
    If you already know this, than see above about me being a fat old man. Great job.

  • J Jones

    Hey thanks for the kudos and the tip. I’ll definately play around with this some more. I don’t know how much pressure I could put onto his neck (he always had his shoulder in my solar plexus), but it definately highlighted a weakness of mine.

    Once again – Thanks!

  • Aaron Heath

    Jeremy, good job today on the workout. Im sorry that I didnt do better, Im still recovering from being sick, but I will get better. I just read your message in the cost and fees, and i just wanted to thank you. I dont know what to say, but thank you. And, if you ever need any help, any, please let me know.


  • J Jones

    Go to http://www.tracyskaratestudios.com for more information on Shootfighting and events in the Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, and Davis area.