Monday 061218

++ Next Workout Is Wednesday, Dec 20th, 0600H @ 2040 N. Main Suite 14 ++


As many times as you can complete –

10 Medicine Ball Burpees (with one push up per rep)

10 Ball Slams

10 second L-Sit

The ‘big kids’ can use a 20 lb med ball, others can use less if they like. If you can’t do the L-sit for the full 10 seconds, only count the number of seconds in the position building up to 10 seconds total each round before moving on.

Post number of rounds and partial rounds to comments.


CrossFit Kids Magazine is an online publication designed by our friends at Brand X Martial Arts in Southern California (Ramona).

Both websites are great resources for CrossFit and fitness in general. The CrossFit Kids Magazine blog is one of the best places to find workouts scaled for different skill level athletes.

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  • JJones


    But we still cranked it out. Props to Janice for showing up alone and wandering by herself until she found the place.

    JJ – 9 rounds completed in 20:49

  • Craig

    Sorry I missed! My wod was hauling my daughter 100′ up a 20 deg hill about 25 times so she could sled down.

    Fight gone bad Wed??

    I’ve got a place to do it here.

    Have fun.