Monday July 25th 2016

Testing Phase: We will be in a Testing Phase starting this week.  Over the next two weeks we will be testing our Back Squat (7/19), Snatch (7/23), Front Squat (7/26) & Clean & Jerk (7/30).  Over the last 4 weeks we have been working on refining our Barbell Skills and improving our positions.  During the next 2 weeks we want to acquire some new and or accurate numbers that we should use for the next Strength Focus, that will begin the week of August 1st.  If you want to get the most out of these Testing Days, I recommend you either take a rest day or come to the gym and focus on some extra Mobility and Get some RomWOD in. We will still be lifting on days between our tests. These days will be focusing on priming the body for the test.  DO NOT go heavy or over 80%. Use these sessions to “Grease the Groove” and keep the body from stiffening up. If you know your previous days Max efforts, use that data to strategize your warm up sets.
Once you have a new max or a current max, log that number into Beyond the Whiteboard so you can use the data over the next 6 week strength cycle. Good luck and remember to feel good and feel strong, by taking care of your body with good food, quality rest and good training habits (Warming up and mobilizing what you know needs it). Have FUN!

Mobility / Warm up: Foam Roll Quads & Hips / Dynamic warm up

Skill: Warm up with some rowing drills, and focus on your 500m split and your stroke rate. Row 3-4 rounds of 150 – 250m.  *Use this to get your heart rate up so it’s not a shock half way into the 2K.

Workout: 2K Row Time Trial (With required post row cool down + stretching)
*If you do not currently know what you’re 2K PR is on the rower, do not cherry pick this one.  There will will be future workouts that may have a recommended pace that will be based on your 2K Row PR.

**As soon as you finish the Row, walk a 400m cool down.  

Accessory: 3 Rounds of:

30 Sec Flutter Kick

30 Sec Bicycle Kicks

1 Minute Planks (30 second Rest)

***1-2 minute couch stretch.  

 Diablo F!T- 4 Rounds of 

  • 2:30 minutes not fast, but a steady pace (Goal is to hold the same pace the whole workout)
  • 0:30 second sprint (Full effort)
  • 0:30 second rest
  • 0:30 Second Flutter Kick
  • 0:30 second Alternating Single leg V Up
  • 1:00 max 20’ forward & reverse suitcase lunge
  • 0:30 second rest (back to the rower)

Athletes will be starting on either a rower or a bike.

RomWOD & Skills: Double Unders

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