Saturday 060114

Hang power clean 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps

The Hang power clean (HPC) starts as you lower the bar to just above the knee. The legs should push through the heels, as the bar is ‘jumped’ to the rack position. Rebending the knees to get under the bar should be avoided. When racked, the bar is resting on slightly shrugged shoulders, touching the throat. The elbows are pointing forward with the palms up. The hands grip the bar loosely, sometimes just the finger tips are still under the bar.

The rep scheme represents 9 rounds or ‘sets’. The idea is to build up to your max load. Start fairly light and increase the load as you get comfortable with the movement. If you have no idea where to start on weight, just start with the 45lb bar and build up from there. Extra practice in the begining for form is encouraged.

If you ‘fail’ on a rep. It might be time to back off the weight and practice form to make sure you end the workout with good form.

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  • J Jones

    BW 185

    175×2 (failed on second rep)
    175×1 (got it but had to dip a little)
    180×1 (pretty ugly)

  • robarnum

    135 x 3
    145 x 2
    155 x 2
    165 x 2
    175 x 1
    185 x 1
    195 x 1
    205 x 1
    215 x 1 (failed)
    195 x 1

    I think that there’s a mental block at 200 lbs for me…