Sunday 060115

21-15-9 reps of:

95 pound Overhead squats

Handstand push-ups

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Overhead squats can be subbed with a wooden dowel or piece of PVC pipe if the movement is new or uncomfortable for you. Good form is chin up, weight on heels, big chest, shoulders in ears, and butt back when you go down. The bar should stay over your ears throughout the lift.

HSPUs can be subbed using a standing dumbell press. Take two dumbells and press them overhead. If you have never done this before, start light.

If you do not have dumbells, you can do ‘piked’ push ups (aka folded in half so your legs are closer to your chest). Your head, arms and torso should all be vertical (perpendicular to the ground). You legs can then be resting on some kind of elevated surface so that you don’t have to fold completely in half to get your body vertical. Now do push ups. By doing this we are looking to remove our legs from the bodyweight equation, while still practicing some balance and strength in the propper plane of motion.

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  • J Jones


    OHS broken at 12 reps, then at 8 reps, then one complete set.

    HSPU were highly broken, top of head to floor, and many partials and negatives after the first round.

    Did this one minutes after a 1 hr intense Martial Arts workout. Kind of bummed out ’cause I didn’t beat 10 minutes (a goal I had).

  • robarnum

    posting a bit late…did this Thurs and lost track of time. Roughly 13 minutes but had to break the sets of 21 and 15 in half.

    J – I hate you (and love you at the same time). My new goal is 11 minutes, but need to pick up a new stopwatch.