Sunday June 12th 2016

Mobility: Shoulder

Grease the Groove: YouTube Preview Image

3 sets of 5 Front Rack Sotts Press.

Diablo Strong: YouTube Preview Image

4 sets of – 1 Squat Clean Thruster “Cluster”+ 2 Pause Jerks (1+2) @ 65-70%

WOD: “Whack Cadillac”

15 Minute AMRAP of:

  • 5 Thrusters (75/95/135)
  • 15 Pull ups
  • 5 Thrusters
  • 400m Run

1 minute rest

Scaling Guide: 2-4 Rounds  *Be sure to choose the right weight for the Thrusters.  The weight should be heavy and challenging, but you should also be able to hang on for all 5 on the first set of each round.

Diablo F!T


Start with a 10 Minute EMOM of:

6 DB Thrusters

8 DB Renegade Rows

– Rest till minute 11 Then –

Every 2 minutes for 4 rounds complete:

Run 200m (100m), then Max Strict Pull ups (Keep a continuous Count) until the next row starts



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