Tuesday 061219 – Report From Tahoe

++ Next Group Workout: Wed 12/20 @ 0600H @ DCF HQ ++

Why CrossFit?


For Your Children!

I took my 3 year old daughter sledding today -we had a blast! At 3 years old, she couldn’t climb the steep, slippery hill to really enjoy the experience. So, Papa carried her, sled and all – again and again and again – until she was too cold to carry on. All those deadlifts, cleans, lunges and hill climbing runs yielded a spectacular day for my daughter with her Papa. I was thrilled for the workout and we shared an awesome experience.

Frankly, I felt sad for other kids whose parents were unable to ascend multiple times with their kids. Most stood by, trying to stay warm while their children played – and when the kids couldn’t climb anymore, the parents took them home. Bummer.

So, why CrossFit? Well, one good reason: so you can keep up with your kids!! You owe it to your children to be fit. Set an example. CrossFit.


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  • JJones

    heh, that is quite a hill to climb!

    Next time, you’ll have to get a rope and drag her up hill. Then she can ride down and up the hill without getting off her sled.