Tuesday – May 21, 2011 – Bernadette warming up for overhead squats

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Bernadette getting warmed up for overhead squats. You’ll notice that she has her thumb around the bar. With back squats, the thumb around the bar is optional. If you are going to jerk the bar overhead it is a good idea to put your thumb around the bar before you un-rack it.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Legless rope climbs. 2 reps going as high as you dare. If you cannot climb the ropes yet, do 4 rope lay downs keeping your body as tight in a plank as possible.

Workout: In 12 minutes –

750m row

Then max rounds –

Double unders (Advanced*: 30 reps, Intermediate: 20 counting attempts, Novice: 10 attempts)

10 ring rows (Feet on a box, even with the rings. Full extension to shoulders even with the rings)

*Women’s Rx

Log your results online by clicking here.

Article: “Why don’t you look like a Fitness Model” – By Krista at Stumptuous.com

Full sized photo from the article Here.

(Not that it changes the point of the article, one thing I did notice is that the ‘stats’ for the ladies don’t seem to match the photo. The photo shows ladies taller than someone next to them, but their height listed says otherwise. -jj)

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  • Matt F.

    Murph/Randy Hangover… Ouch

  • Jasmine

    The turquoise watch might be Brooks!

    Speaking of the Zuckerman family, this is their last week at DCF before moving to Maryland for Russ’ new position in the Coast Guard. He will be in charge of an entire boat and crew over there… a very honorable position! They have been a very special part of our crossfit family since way back when and have shared in a lot of life with many of us. Please give them a proper goodbye with a great big hug if you see them before they leave!

    Brook, Russ, Jarrett and Isobel… you will be dearly missed by so many. On behalf of all of your friends and family around the gym, we wish you endless blessings as you begin your new adventure. Maryland and the crossfit there are so lucky to have you… but you will always truly be ours 😉

    Love you guys!