Wednesday 060118

Three rounds for time of:

Row 500 meters

75 pound Hang power snatch, 21 reps

Post time to comments.

A good substitution for rows is to do sumo deadlift high pulls with a 45lb weight (SDHP). Just lift the weight “shin to chin” keeping your elbows above the weight through the entire movement. 1 rep for every 10 meters – for today’s workout 50 reps would work.

The hang power snatch is all about explosion. The bar should start at about where the button of your jeans would be in the snatch grip (arms wide, fingers over thumb). Dip the bar down to an inch or so above the knee, then ‘jump’ the bar up, driving with the heels and catching it above the head. “Power” snatch means that there is little or no bending of the legs after the initial jump. The weight should be lowered in a controlled manner, not allowing the bar to slam into the thighs unless you want purple bruising there (especially with a rough bar).

If you lack equipment, you can try doing 1 burpee (with push up and jump) for every 10 meters in the row. The power snatch can be simulated with dumbells, kettlebells, small animals or a suitcase. If nothing along these lines are available, another possible sub for the pwr snatch would be to do standing long jumps (both feet planted firmly together, bend at the knees and hip, use your arms, legs and everything you got to leap as far forward as possible).

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