Wednesday February 8th 2017

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Dynamic Warmup & Mobility:  Minute 0 – 15

  • Coaches’ Choice Group Dynamic Warm Up
  • 2 – 3 rounds of the barbell warm up:
    • 3 Muscle Cleans – Position 1
    • 3 Power Cleans – Position 1
    • 3 Power Cleans + Squat – Position 2
    • 3 Jerks

Gymnastics Skill: Minute 16 – 35

10 Minutes of 30 On / 30 off Alternating EMOM of:

  • Max Double Unders at the top of the odd minutes. The objective is to challenge yourself to go unbroken in your set. If you are still working on perfecting this skill, try working on a steady pace of single unders and throw a double under every 3 or 5 single unders.  
  • Max Strict Pull-ups at the top of the even minutes. You should be able to get 3 – 5 reps unbroken set, for maybe 2-3 sets within your 30 seconds. Try to pick a number and increase 1 rep each round. If you can only hang on to Strict pull ups for one rep at a time, scale back to either a band, or seated pull ups.

Workout: Minute 36 – 50

4 Rounds for time of:

  • 3 Deadlifts 105 / 155
  • 6 Hang Power Clean
  • 9 Jerks
  • 30 Second Rest

Enjoy your rest, even though it is a brief rest, and then attack every round like it was your first.

Score: Total time

Cool Down: Minute 51 – 60

  • Walk 200m
  • 1 Minute Pigeon stretch
  • Stretch Triceps

Diablo F!T: Alternating every 2 minutes on the minute for 5 rounds.


  • 15 Wall Balls
  • 5-10 Strict Pull Ups


  • 8 Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift
  • 6 Hang power Clean
  • 4 Strict Press

If you are unable to complete the reps with in the 2 minutes, adjust the rep count so it is more sustainable.


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