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Daily Workout

Wednesday June 15th 2016

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Dynamic Warm Up: Hip & Banded Walking Drills

Diablo Strong:  4 sets of 3 Front Squats @ 80 – 90%


3 Sets of 8 – 10 Glute Ham Raises

If you have not done these yet or have only done them once or twice, start on the ground with a band to “find your hamstrings,” then maybe try working up to the GHD machine after a few sessions with the band.

Workout:  3 Rounds of 3 minutes of work (12 Minutes Total):

  • 1 minute Bike (Max Calories)
  • 100m Sandbag Carry (45/60/80) *Make it challenging
  • Max Push ups, with the remaining time. *Knees CAN NOT touch the ground
  • 1 minute rest

Coaching Tips: Go 75 – 85% on the bike for the minute, and make sure to remember how many calories you rode. Then when you get off the bike you should be able to pick up the sandbag immediately and go for your 100m. After the 100m Carry you have the remaining time to do Push Ups. You’re knees CANNOT touch the ground or the rep DOES NOT count. Your midline should not break. Most of you will have to use Rings so make sure they are set up before the workout.

Logistical Tips: This workout will need to start out in waves depending on how many people are in class. If there are 12 or less go on the 0:00 and the 2:00, if its more go on the 0:00, 1:15, and the 2:30. You should find someone of equal height to share a bike with and decide who is going first. Depending on how fast your partner is with a sandbag (and what weight they are using) you can most likely share that with them as well. Same goes for the rings.

Scaling Guide: Keep track of total Calories and total Push Ups

Diablo F!T: Alternating E3MOM of A & B:


  • Bike Buy in (Test 40 seconds during the workout)
  • 5-10 Ring Rows / Strict Pull Ups
  • 10-15 Sit ups


  • SB Run
  • 10-20 Ring Push Ups / Push ups (Choose a number and stick to it) *Knees CAN NOT touch the ground
  • 10-15 Sit ups

Log your workout HERE.

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