David Diktakis

David Diktakis


David was born and raised in the East Bay playing every sport his parents could get him into until focusing on baseball and football until high school. In high school David found wrestling and would put all of his effort into that for the next 4 years. After graduating high school in 2011 David moved to Boise, ID to attend Boise State University to pursue a degree in accounting and finance.

In 2015 David found Crossfit and instantly fell in love with the competitive and welcoming atmosphere of a Crossfit gym. After doing some local competitions David decided to pursue getting his Level 1 to learn more about the Crossfit ideology and what more it had to offer outside of competitions. Shortly after receiving his Level 1 in 2017 he began coaching at Verdant Crossfit at night in addition to his day job.

Whether it is helping an athlete looking to lower their blood pressure, get their first muscle up or shave a few seconds off their Fran time David is willing to help someone pursue their health and fitness to the best of his abilities.


  • CrossFit Level 1