Andrew Gleason

Andrew Gleason


Andrew was born and raised in Ontario Canada, playing hockey, lacrosse and rugby as soon as his feet hit the ground. Through many years of competitive sports, he learned the importance of training hard, and having fun. After a serious knee injury, which he suffered during a rugby match, took him out of competition for over a year, he started to crave the intensity and camaraderie of training for a common goal again. He began coaching rugby shortly before his injury and found that teaching people new skills, and watching them grow into high performing athletes was extremely gratifying. While looking for cross-training equipment online, one summer for his team, he stumbled across Crossfit and has never looked back!

After moving to California with his wife, he was offered a coaching position at the gym he attended and thus started his journey into crossfit coaching. Once he received his Crossfit L1 he started to see the potential in having more knowledge to give, so he almost immediately signed up, and received his Crossfit Weightlifting cert. Through several years of training both classes and individuals, he has gained the knowledge and know-how to guide people to reaching their potential and always shooting for more. One of his favourite sayings is; “we do now what others won’t, so we can do later on what others can’t”. This saying will make sense once you get to know him.

  •  Crossfit Level 2 (CF-L2)
  •  Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification
  •  CPR, AED certified

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