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TIME RESTRICTED EATING CHALLENGE ABOUT TIME RESTRICTED EATING Time-restricted eating, also referred to as “time-restricted feeding” or, sometimes “intermittent fasting” is a proven method for improving health and brain function while contributing to weight-loss. There is numerous research and data, including a popular documentary, supporting the benefits of time-restricted eating. I’ve listed several resources below. …


Why CrossFit Affiliates Should Support The Open

2019 has brought us two Opens and has some CrossFit Affiliate owners wondering if they should participate. The Open brings with it a lot of extra work for sure, especially if affiliates host a Friday Night Lights or Saturday Main Event. Recruiting and certifying judges, tabulating and approving scores and other administrative tasks add numerous …

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October Programming Review

October Progressions OCTOBER PROGRESSIONS Primary Strength – Back Squat Secondary Strength – Power Clean & Snatch Skill/Open Recovery – Monostructural Conditioning NOTABLES The OPEN! CF Girl: “Grace” Back Squat 1RM (7×1) Click to Download our Progression Calendar Diablo CrossFit’s daily workout Programming is available on Sugarwod for $24.99 a month! Our easy-to-implement Programming includes: 30 …

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Amazing Grace Charity Event Oct 5

Amazing “Grace” Every year since 2008, our Diablo community comes together to do the CrossFit “girl” workout “Grace”:  30 Clean & Jerks for time (#135/#95). Donations for the event have benefitted the “Barbells for Boobs” organization (Breast Cancer Awareness) and in 2018, the family of DCF’r Sarah Aronsen. Diablo’s “Amazing Grace” event has raised $10’s …

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