55 Days To Build Healthy Habits For Life

Challenge yourself to a 55-day journey to healthy eating and you’ll transform your body and your life.

When: January 14th – March 9th
Price: $199

Are you ready to “Do Something Different” with your nutrition? Looking for some accountability to help you reach your goals? Then Challenge 55 is for you!

C55 is Diablo’s habit based nutrition challenge. We focus on building healthy food and lifestyle habits that are sustainable, not just put you on a deprivation diet for several weeks. Most of us KNOW what we should be doing but, actually putting that into practice is the struggle. Lives are busy these days – so how do you prioritize your health? Let us share our best tips and tricks with you! Diablo’s motto is ‘BETTER TOGETHER’ which applies to our group training classes AND this nutrition challenge. The added accountability of your own personal coach and team of peers will help you make these new habits stick.

About the Challenge

Diablo’s 55-day Group Nutrition Challenge is a gradual transition to healthy eating with three goals:

  1. Lose fat
  2. Create lean muscle
  3. Establish sustainable habits for life

We believe that a gradual transition to healthy eating habits along with professional coaching and group support is the easiest and most sustainable way to lose fat, create lean muscle and improve health. Many short-term challenges can create weight-loss, but are often too aggressive and do not create long-term sustainable habits.

To accomplish the 3 goals, our Challenge 55 program provides:

  • A Personal Nutrition Coach
  • 4 group meetings and, individual meetings as needed
  • 2 InBody scans (before and after)
  • Daily accountability using Sugarwod to track habits
  • Facebook group with daily communications: education, recipes, cooking demo’s & group
  • Weekly nutrition & lifestyle habits 
  • Weekly food log review
  • Unlimited email & FB group communication with your coach
  • Weekly fitness challenges

The Process

Challenge 55 begins with an InBody scan at Diablo CrossFit with a Nutrition Coach. We also encourage you to take pictures of yourself (at home) for your own records. 

Then, we’ll come together for a group meeting with your Challenge Team and the personal Nutrition Coaches. During this session, you’ll be given instruction and tools to help you with the Challenge. The Coaches will help you set meaningful and effective goals personalized for you based on your lifestyle, nutrition needs and schedule. 

You’ll also be added to your Challenge 55 Facebook group where you can share ideas, recipes, and strategies – and talk about the Challenge, while receiving and providing support for your team!

At the end of Challenge 55, we’ll schedule your final InBody test in order to see your progress. Then, we’ll all get together again to share success stories and discuss strategies for continued success for day 56 and beyond.